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Writing Spaces

As early as Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, people have been talking about the importance of having a place of your own to write. People often ask me, “What does your writing space look like?” I love to close myself up in my studio, tucked away in a quiet part of my house. From my writing desk is a beautiful view through my French doors behind our home of a Monet-like setting—calm lake water, shady trees, and colorful flowers. It’s an ideal setting for sure, but you know what? With my busy schedule I’m hardly home, so I have to create my own writing spaces wherever I go in hotel rooms and vacation rental properties.

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Writing Routines

When I visit schools and libraries, the inevitable comment arises from aspiring authors (adults and children alike):  I want to write, but I can’t get started. Sometimes they say it’s hard to find the inspiration or motivation to write.  Well, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration,” as Thomas Edison said. It may not sound glamorous, but in my experience I’ve seen that writing is about routine. If you sit around waiting for inspiration to wash over you, you may be sitting there for quite some time!

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When Should Your Child Get Cochlear Implants

Before my visit to a school for the deaf on my East Coast book tour to promote my children’s title, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, I hardly knew anything about the subject of deaf literacy. However, since that life-changing day,when I decided to do something on behalf of this issue, I now understand the complexity of the issue, especially for parents of deaf children. Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make as the parent of a deaf child is which method of communication is best for your child. If you’ve decided that your child should join the 219,000 deaf people worldwide who have opted for cochlear implants along with deaf oral education so that they can use spoken language, the issue of timing comes up: when is the best time for your child to get the cochlear implants becomes an issue?

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Tea Time Mix-Up

There’s nothing like a cup of tea to get me in the mood to write! I enjoy a cup of strong black tea in the mornings when I am going to be writing all day, full of caffeine and some delicious vanilla soymilk to top it off. In the evenings, I switch to decaf black tea or sometimes I enjoy mint or chamomile tea, which I find relaxing and fragrant.

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Inspiring Others—What an Inspiration!

I consider myself truly blessed for the kind words I hear from Danny the Dragon fans. They write in to tell me how special Danny is to them and their families. It’s quite something to see that something from my own imagination can capture the imaginations of so many children!

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