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Danny the Dragon Featured in the Virginia Library Association’s Annual Conference!

Danny is indeed a very well-traveled dragon!!! He has participated in book fairs and conferences all around the world, and now he can add Portsmouth, Virginia to the list of places he’s visited: Danny the Dragon was featured in the Virginia Library Association’s Annual Conference where he hobnobbed with a fine group of librarians and some of the top publishers in the industry! As a literacy advocate, I love to get behind the cause of libraries, and this is especially true when it comes to the Virginia Library Association. The people who make up this group are passionate about promoting …

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Writing and Reading

Writing and reading go hand in hand. As Stephen King wrote, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” That’s why I set aside time every day to read, not just children’s books, but works of adult fiction and non-fiction that inspire me.   When my children were young, I used to take them to the library every week in order to expose them to quality children’s literature and cultivate an interest in reading. My imagination would take off like crazy during these trips, as I saw examples …

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Multi-Award Winning Children’s Author Tina Turbin Launches Highly Anticipated European Book Tour

Critically-acclaimed children’s author Tina Turbin has kicked off a summer tour in Europe Los Angeles, CA- Critically-acclaimed children’s author Tina Turbin, author of the multi-award-winning illustrated kids book Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, has kicked off a Danny the Dragon summer tour in Europe. The book tour comes after a series of prestigious honors including the most recent 2011 Media of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine in the category of Reading Interactive Picture Books and First Prize for Best Illustrations in the competitive Purple Dragonfly Book Awards for its illustrations by Aija Jasuna. “After wrapping up my West …

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Danny the Dragon Author Featured At The Burbank Book Festival

We had such a great time at the Burbank Book Festival! It was great to connect with the authors and readers in Burbank and we were received. As an author I really enjoy book festivals and getting all the terrific feedback on Danny the Dragon. And to be featured amongst such great authors was really an honor. Can’t wait for next year! Tina Turbin k.m.

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School Library Journal Praises Danny the Dragon

It is with great pleasure that I read the encouraging review of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy in School Library Journal. I am fortunate to have been recognized by many awards programs for this first book in the Danny the Dragon series, but what an honor it was to receive SLJ’s stamp of approval! School Library Journal is “the world’s largest reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology for children and teens,” according to its website. The monthly magazine was founded in 1954, and its reviews on kids books are a valuable resource to librarians, teachers, and others who work with …

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Hey, Parents, Turn off the TV!

     There are so many reasons to dramatically cut down on television or to cut it out altogether. You’ll find in the end that your children will be much more likely to become avid readers and, as a result, perform better in school and in life. Instead of acting out the drama and degradation on popular TV, your kids will demonstrate the values you seek to pass on to them. You’ll also find your own productivity will increase, and oftentimes, a marriage will be sparked back to life by eliminating television. It may be a challenge at first to get …

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Children Need Good Literature

     The fact that kids need good literature is not a new one. Just look at the number of awards available in the United States alone to reward authors for superb children’s literature. The long list of such awards includes the Newbery Medal, Caldecott Medal, Coretta Scott King Award, and Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal. With such an extraordinary effort made to celebrate good children’s literature, there must be something important about it.      I know how short the attention span of a child can be yet how thrilling it is to watch a child’s imagination partake in an exciting adventure …

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Helpful Tips to Encourage Learning in Your Children

     First of all, read to your children! Studies show that reading to your child can begin before the age of six months, as soon as they’re able to enjoy the images and pictures inside of their books. Children have varying attention spans and you should keep in mind not to push too far past these limits and not to force them to read, as children tend to dislike things they are forced to do when it’s not on their own determinism. You can read to your child or have them read you, or take turns.       Play board games …

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Literacy Statistics Need To Be Confronted by Parents

     First, the most important thing you can do to ensure the literacy of your own child is being involved.  Research on the effects of parental involvement shows a consistent, positive relationship between parents’ participation in their children’s education and their children’s academic performance.      Reading to children and also homeschooling are a couple of ways for parents to increase their involvement and improve their children’s ability to read. Reading to children should be done as early as six months of age, as soon as babies develop an interest in the pictures and illustrations in books. Keep in mind that …

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Library Visits with the Kids—Some Helpful Tips

There’s nothing like good, old-fashioned visits to the library to get your kids interested in reading and encouraging them to become avid readers themselves.      You can start bringing your children to the library as early as infancy—around six months of age, or when they start to become interested in looking at the pictures in books. Make sure your baby is well-fed and well-rested before your trip so he’ll be able to enjoy himself and you’ll find it easy to keep his attention on the books you’ll show him. For infants and toddlers who are still interested in putting any …

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