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As early as Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, people have been talking about the importance of having a place of your own to write. People often ask me, “What does your writing space look like?” I love to close myself up in my studio, tucked away in a quiet part of my house. From my writing desk is a beautiful view through my French doors behind our home of a Monet-like setting—calm lake water, shady trees, and colorful flowers. It’s an ideal setting for sure, but you know what? With my busy schedule I’m hardly home, so I have to create my own writing spaces wherever I go in hotel rooms and vacation rental properties.


When I’m on a book tour, visiting schools, libraries, and hospitals, I travel far and wide. Perhaps I’ll be staying just for the night, maybe even a few weeks. It’s a good thing I have bicoastal residences—one in Los Angeles and another in Florida—but even then I often find myself on the go.


In the end I’ve found that a writing space is important, but at the same time all you really need to have are the right tools and a place where you won’t easily be distracted. If it’s hard to find a whole room just for your writing, a corner of the room or just a desk will do the job just fine. Laptop, paper, pens, and paper on a desk top–that’s all I need! I turn off my cell phone and tell everyone, “I’m writing! Do not disturb!”


All right, you aspiring writers out there: What does your writing space look like?


Tina Turbin



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