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Danny the Dragon Supports Deaf Literacy

     A passionate literacy advocate, I was alarmed by the literacy statistic among the deaf, and now I’ve begun raising support for education for deaf children. Upon the release of my Danny the Dragon DREAMS, the proceeds of my Danny the Dragon DVD, which features a signed reading of the book for deaf children, will be donated to the local deaf children’s school, Blossom’s Montessori School for the Deaf in Clearwater, Florida. I’m  very happy that I’m able to do something to improve deaf education! Tina Turbin

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Danny the Dragon Supports Education for the Deaf

As an active literacy advocate, I do as much as I can to get kids reading to revert the literacy statistic of this country. However, it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of another alarming statistic—the literacy rate among deaf children.      The average deaf child is diagnosed at two or three years of age for hearing loss. This means that there is a good chance that his language development has been severely affected, as the child may have been missing large portions of spoken language, if not all auditory experience, that hearing children get from birth. What’s worse, …

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Proceeds from Danny the Dragon CD Support Good Cause

If you’ve been keeping up with me as the children’s author of the Danny the Dragon series, you’ve probably heard me talk about the new Danny the Dragon CD, which is soon to be released, containing a reading of Danny Meets Jimmy by a talented vocal artist followed by a compilation of ten original classic songs by up-and-coming composers. What’s great about the CD is that, as with the book, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages—the young and the young at heart. What’s even better, though, is the fact that the proceeds are going to a cause …

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Danny The Dragon and Me- Cupcake Parties Are Fun!

Boy oh boy, Danny has me busy folks. There is so much happening and such wonderful people reaching out to us to come to schools, events, hospitals and venues. My books are spreading out there and landing in some lovely venues for sale. Thank you everyone! I am heading to Los Angeles right after my very popular  Halloween Cupcake Party Danny and I are hosting with a terrific team a children and parent bakers. I only have 100% Gluten-Free Parties! Pamela’s Products, is sponsoring this event in support of my efforts and my interest to help Dr. Peter Green at …

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Danny The Dragon DREAMS – CD with Classical Music!

I am VERY pleased to share that the full Mastering of Danny The Dragon DREAMS CD has been fully Mastered and the CD cover is in design work as I type away here. Thank you Tom Morris at Morrissound Recording in Tampa, Florida! This is an amazing CD with my book being read by an extremely talented vocal-artist followed by a well chosen compilation of 10 original classical songs, composed by up and coming composers. This CD is for ANYONE and everyone, all ages. All the profits to this CD are going to a Cause that is very dear to …

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Gluten-Free Cooking and Danny the Dragon

Here is a little sneak preview to my readers. I am about to be in a video supporting two wonderful companies. One is a well known gluten-free company and the other is a terrific non-profit gluten-free company which raises awareness about gluten free as well as research. Besides this, I get to use anyone else in the videos I want! Audition time again. We will all be wearing these delightful home- made aprons and Danny will be on the front of them too. Some say we should sell them eventually but there is also talk about many more videos so …

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