Nikki’s Hurricane Adventure by Kevin and Laura Sanchez

Nikki’s Hurricane Adventure is a children’s book enlightening the senses through a cat’s journey back home to his family. The book sales are devoted to helping find a cure for cancer. Nikki is a cat who was separated from her family in 2008 during an evacuation for Hurricane Gustav. Her adventures that followed were all in the hope of finding her family and getting back home. This delightful tale leaves one with a smile all throughout, resulting in a happy ending. You will want to read it again and again. The story and purpose behind this book has a meaning …

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Danny the Dragon Invited on a Cruise

I am so excited to be a part of the Kiddie Cruise, themed as “Tea Party with Knights and Dragons” which launched out of New York’s Hudson River. Being the only dragon was a thrill! This cruise was aboard the Queen of Hearts which sailed on the Hudson River this past Sunday with goodie bags gathered from some of the best such as Toy Story- along with special gift from Danny the Dragon and me. Tons of kids climb aboard for 2 hours of fun with face painting, karaoke, puppet shows, balloons, arts and crafts and of course, a healthy lunch. Danny the Dragon was a part …

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Very Informative Interview with UK Resident on Autism, Gluten, Books and More – Vicky Warren Speaks Openly

1. Tell me about you and your background and how you are involved in the area of gluten-free, autism etc. I used to be a nurse and midwife before David and I got married in 1969 – we then went on to have 5 daughters between 1972 and 82! I first became aware of having difficulties in digesting wheat within 24 hours of giving birth to Naomi my oldest daughter in 1972, and with each successive child birth the problem got worse, eventually leading to my doctor sending me to hospital for allergy tests, which proved nothing!! It wasn’t until my 4th …

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Danny the Dragon Supports Deaf Literacy

     A passionate literacy advocate, I was alarmed by the literacy statistic among the deaf, and now I’ve begun raising support for education for deaf children. Upon the release of my Danny the Dragon DREAMS, the proceeds of my Danny the Dragon DVD, which features a signed reading of the book for deaf children, will be donated to the local deaf children’s school, Blossom’s Montessori School for the Deaf in Clearwater, Florida. I’m  very happy that I’m able to do something to improve deaf education! Tina Turbin

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Danny the Dragon Supports “The Cure”

A lovely response to a donation of my Danny the Dragon materials to a cause that I support dearly. Tina       I came across a review for Tina Turbin‘s book Danny The Dragon “Meets Jimmy” on my friend’s blog.  Because I have a child her son’s age and a child a bit younger, and because I trust her opinion on books that we will enjoy, I did not hesitate to order a copy of the book and audio CD for my own children.  I have two kids, ages 4 and 2, who are bookophiles and I know they …

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Grammy Award Make-Up Artist helps Tina in LA

Mara Rouse has a history of exceptional credits to her resume to add another jam packed filled week of applying make-up for the celebrity pre-parties to the Grammys as well as the Grammys this year, 2010. Mara Rouse is now the make-up artist for any parties or shoots we do while in Los Angeles. Mara specializes in Special Effects but loves it all. If it involves applying make-up she has interest. Mara moved here from Washington state to pursue her career working and apprenticing with Top people in the business. Hard work and perseverence got her to where she is …

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Proceeds from Danny the Dragon CD Support Good Cause

         If you’re like most Americans, you probably haven’t even heard of celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder which causes an immune reaction that can affect the entire body, causing both physical and mental problems. The cause? An allergy to gluten, a component of wheat, barley, and rye. The problem with celiac disease is that doctors don’t know much about it either. They don’t know that it affects an estimated 300 million Americans and that with a simple test, a diagnosis can be made and the easy treatment can begin—a gluten-free diet.      An estimated 300 million Americans have celiac disease …

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Danny the Dragon Supports Education for the Deaf

As an active literacy advocate, I do as much as I can to get kids reading to revert the literacy statistic of this country. However, it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of another alarming statistic—the literacy rate among deaf children.      The average deaf child is diagnosed at two or three years of age for hearing loss. This means that there is a good chance that his language development has been severely affected, as the child may have been missing large portions of spoken language, if not all auditory experience, that hearing children get from birth. What’s worse, …

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Tina Turbin – Featured in Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine!

  I am thrilled to have been chosen as the Tampa Bay Parenting “Extraordinary Woman” of the month.   You can get your copy of Tampa Bay Parenting at a variety of locations all throughout the Tampa Bay area (including Publix grocery stores) or you may view it online by clicking here – flip to pages 26/27 to read the full article!  Tina Turbin

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Proceeds from Danny the Dragon CD Support Good Cause

If you’ve been keeping up with me as the children’s author of the Danny the Dragon series, you’ve probably heard me talk about the new Danny the Dragon CD, which is soon to be released, containing a reading of Danny Meets Jimmy by a talented vocal artist followed by a compilation of ten original classic songs by up-and-coming composers. What’s great about the CD is that, as with the book, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages—the young and the young at heart. What’s even better, though, is the fact that the proceeds are going to a cause …

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