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Danny the Dragon Supports Deaf Literacy

     A passionate literacy advocate, I was alarmed by the literacy statistic among the deaf, and now I’ve begun raising support for education for deaf children. Upon the release of my Danny the Dragon DREAMS, the proceeds of my Danny the Dragon DVD, which features a signed reading of the book for deaf children, will be donated to the local deaf children’s school, Blossom’s Montessori School for the Deaf in Clearwater, Florida. I’m  very happy that I’m able to do something to improve deaf education! Tina Turbin

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Getting Involved in Your Child’s Education

     First, make sure your child is well-rested and well-fed. A well-balanced diet, with nutritious meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and healthy snacks after school, has been shown to improve academic performance in children. Kids also need to be well-rested in order to focus during the day.      Next, take advantage of every opportunity to meet your child’s teachers, such as parent-teacher or open-school nights. Not only will you make sure you’re not missing vital information, such as what the teacher expects of your child’s homework assignments, but you’ll show your child and his teachers that you care about …

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Danny the Dragon Supports Education for the Deaf

As an active literacy advocate, I do as much as I can to get kids reading to revert the literacy statistic of this country. However, it wasn’t until recently that I became aware of another alarming statistic—the literacy rate among deaf children.      The average deaf child is diagnosed at two or three years of age for hearing loss. This means that there is a good chance that his language development has been severely affected, as the child may have been missing large portions of spoken language, if not all auditory experience, that hearing children get from birth. What’s worse, …

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Danny The Dragon Contest Winner- NOVEMBER!

I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting many schools this month as well as received MANY pictures submitted to the site and to my e mail at

We have another winner for the November gift basket! Here she is:

Paulina- 3rd Grade Winner- NOVEMBER
Paulina- 3rd Grade Winner- NOVEMBER

A New Friend For Danny
A New Friend For Danny

Here is what our wonderful 3rd grade winner, Paulina has to say:

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Disney – Danny the Dragon and Sunset Park Elementary

Look at what is happening tomorrow at Sunset Park Elementary School behind Disney, in none other than lovely Florida! Sunset Park Elementary School, located in Windermere, Florida, welcomes author Tina Turbin to share her Danny the Dragon book with over 500 students, teachers, and parents. She will sharing her work with large groups and will talk about what it is like to write children’s books. In January, Danny the Dragon will make a return appearance when the school cafeteria celebrates “Appreciate a Dragon Day”- January 16th, so mark your calendars. We are thankful to have stumbled upon Ms. Turbin’s character …

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Danny The Dragon and Me- Cupcake Parties Are Fun!

Boy oh boy, Danny has me busy folks. There is so much happening and such wonderful people reaching out to us to come to schools, events, hospitals and venues. My books are spreading out there and landing in some lovely venues for sale. Thank you everyone! I am heading to Los Angeles right after my very popular  Halloween Cupcake Party Danny and I are hosting with a terrific team a children and parent bakers. I only have 100% Gluten-Free Parties! Pamela’s Products, is sponsoring this event in support of my efforts and my interest to help Dr. Peter Green at …

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What do you think of Danny on YouTube?

Danny the Dragon has a home on YouTube, including a beautiful video of various images from our 2009 Book Tour to schools, hospitals and libraries. Many more videos to come, but in the meantime, please visit the following link and drop us a comment (and a 5-star vote!) so that we know what you think of the video!

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