Gluten-Free and Your Aging Body wins Silver Medal!

 It’s always an honor to be recognized for your work.  I don’t think anyone could deny that statement and recognition from your peers is always a grand experience.  With Danny the Dragon receiving non-stop recognition since its release, I keep thinking it can’t get better.  A few months ago, I received confirmation that my eBook about my other undeniable cause Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free living Gluten and Your Aging Body had not only been nominated, but won a Silver Medal for eBooks in the Florida Publisher’s Association’s President’s Book Awards. The Florida Publisher’s Association is a collection of publishers, self-publishers, authors, publishing industry friends and publishing vendors from …

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Danny and I Appear in a Tampa Bay Publication!

 It’s always so exciting when Danny and I are mentioned in the papers! During my Danny the Dragon East Coast Book Tour, we really made waves as reviews and news of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy seemed to pop up everywhere. I just had to share one of the articles with you that is particularly special to me! The Dunedin Beacon of Tampa Bay not only talked about Danny the Dragon but discussed one of the causes I’m highly passionate about–deaf children’s literacy–and my DVD developed on behalf of this cause. I will never forget that fateful day of my …

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Writing and Reading

Writing and reading go hand in hand. As Stephen King wrote, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” That’s why I set aside time every day to read, not just children’s books, but works of adult fiction and non-fiction that inspire me.   When my children were young, I used to take them to the library every week in order to expose them to quality children’s literature and cultivate an interest in reading. My imagination would take off like crazy during these trips, as I saw examples …

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When Should Your Child Get Cochlear Implants

Before my visit to a school for the deaf on my East Coast book tour to promote my children’s title, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, I hardly knew anything about the subject of deaf literacy. However, since that life-changing day,when I decided to do something on behalf of this issue, I now understand the complexity of the issue, especially for parents of deaf children. Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make as the parent of a deaf child is which method of communication is best for your child. If you’ve decided that your child should join the 219,000 deaf people …

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Treasure Hunt with the Munch Crunch Bunch

Treasure Hunt with the Munch Crunch Bunch is a storybook and activity book in one designed for children to help them learn about food so they themselves can be empowered to make healthy choices. Now what parent wouldn’t want that? This book has lots of fun, hands-on activities for families: board games; fruit and vegetable food riddles (“foodles”); ways to make grocery shopping educational and fun; and a terrific read tucked inside. Designed for 3-8 year olds, this book has so much color and life it’s entertaining for any parent, relative or teacher. The book is really laid out perfectly …

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Cilie Yack is Under Attack! By Caryn Talty

If you have celiac disease like me, you’re probably aware of the abundance of resource guides available on the market. Many of these have proved to be invaluable to the celiac community, but there remains a segment of the celiac population who haven’t been able to benefit as we have from such books—children. Thanks to Caryn Talty, a former schoolteacher living in Chicago, celiac kids now have not only an informative resource, but a creative and entertaining one at that—Cilie Yack is Under Attack! This fictional book follows the adventures of the Irish boy Cilie Yack, who experiences an array …

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Immunization and Children: A Look at Australia’s Ban on the Flu Vaccine in Small Children

In my work as a children’s author, researcher, and kids’ health advocate, I stay abreast of the latest health news in an effort to safeguard the health of children.  In my research, I have come across alarming reports from Australia, regarding the health risk of the flu vaccine in children, the same vaccine we use in the U.S. Several startling symptoms have been reported in dozens of children, and the vaccine is now banned by Australian authorities for children under five. In the U.S., however, the vaccine is still being implemented. According to WA Today, it was announced by the …

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Education: On Being “Behind” by Carlynn McCormick

Susie is six and can’t count to thirty without missing a few numbers.  Johnny has almost finished eighth grade but hasn’t started pre-algebra. “Oh dear, oh dear, my child is falling behind.” Just as one child can be given the label “Attention Deficit Disorder” because some adults cannot tolerate his activity level, so can another child be given the label “behind” because he does not match up with some adults’ scholastic expectations. The definition of “behind” that applies from the unabridged Random House Dictionary is: In the state of making less progress than. The question parents and teachers must ask …

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School Library Journal Praises Danny the Dragon

It is with great pleasure that I read the encouraging review of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy in School Library Journal. I am fortunate to have been recognized by many awards programs for this first book in the Danny the Dragon series, but what an honor it was to receive SLJ’s stamp of approval! School Library Journal is “the world’s largest reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology for children and teens,” according to its website. The monthly magazine was founded in 1954, and its reviews on kids books are a valuable resource to librarians, teachers, and others who work with …

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Take a Sneak Peek at the iPad Danny the Dragon App

  Danny fans can now see a preview of the iPad Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy app, which stands out as a groundbreaking innovation for being the first children’s book app with a sign language interpretation mode. iStoryTime, the app developer for DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon, has posted a sample of the signed reading of the book on You Tube.   I’m very pleased with the wonderful job iStorytime has done with the app. iStoryTime co-founder, Woody Sears, has said of the project, “We are extremely proud to release the first-ever children’s book app for the deaf …

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