Danny The Dragon

I am so excited to introduce you all to my main character, Danny! You can buy Danny the Dragon and follow along on his fabulous adventures! It can be purchased as a hardcover book, softcover book, CD book read to you followed by classical songs donated by recording artists for easy listening and bedtime music, DVD for the hearing impaired, and last but not least THE first-ever storybook app for deaf children.

First off, let’s get to know Danny a little bit! Danny’s mannerisms are absolutely charming and appealing as he strolls through the pages meeting Jimmy’s family and friends in the MOST unusual way. Danny is imparting his delightful acts of wisdom and kindness while Skipper continues to take notes in his traveling journal for future adventures. Where are they from? Why are they here? Where are they going? Danny and his little traveling companion, Skipper, are quite the adventuresome and fun duo. This children’s book is for the young and young at heart. Written by Tina Turbin and illustrated by multi-award-winning artist Aija Jasuna, this is the first story in the Danny series. Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy is loaded with vivid illustrations and a captivating storyline, leaving anyone at any age with a smile on their face and that feel-good feeling. What other thrills will Jimmy experience with his new friend Danny and his traveling companion Skipper? You’ll have to dive into the series to find out!

WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW — DTD was THE very first storybook app for deaf children! 

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy is an electronic book that is designed with deaf children in mind. The book has the standard “read to me” and “read it myself” options, but deaf children can have the book signed to them via an interpreter, which is a first for eBooks! This promotes reading skills for deaf children and gives hearing kids a chance to observe, if not learn, American Sign Language!

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy is one of the first apps for kids to take the needs of deaf users in mind. The ASL interpretation of the book is well done, with plenty of expressions on the interpreter’s face to relay the impact of the author’s words. It is, however, much less interactive than other children’s storybook apps, which is a wasted opportunity. And often the entire page’s dialogue isn’t shown at once, so kids choosing to read without narration may inadvertently skip parts of the story by finger swiping between pages instead of using the arrow keys on the screen.

From Tina:

Gosh, I loved that era of my life! Those kids were all amazing, from the ones I met in every library, hospital, school, on my book tour, to all the kids everywhere!! I am so grateful to have reached the deaf, those strong kids in the hospitals, and their amazing parents and support systems. It has been an incredibly touching and inspiring experience! I knew without a doubt that my life would never be the same. 

Did you know Danny got picked up and used in the first-ever iPad commercial?!  It was amazing, and you can read more about it in my blog!!! ALSO, My DTD video with sign (for the hearing impaired) was the first ever available on Amazon as a video too! I had two first evers and have enjoyed every second of the process! Follow along my journey on the In the News page to view the DTD timeline of events!

You can shop now and order on the contact page or kindle! We also have both hard and softcover options available on Amazon for you to purchase. Get ready to begin your adventures with Danny, and feel free to join in on the fun and be a part of Danny’s Fan Club!

Book Reviews

Danny the Dragon ‘Meets Jimmy’ harks back to a safer, friendlier, more magical space and time the world as seen through the eyes of inquisitive children. The beautiful illustrations perfectly complement the story, which culminates in a satisfying to be continued ending. Who will Danny and Skipper meet next? I for one would like to find out.  — Frank Riemer, Father, Author – Riding the Wave – Pacifican Books

Danny the Dragon is a wonderfully original and enjoyable story. The illustrations are beautiful and filled with yummy detail. A great family book. I highly recommend it.  — Bodhi Elfman, Father and Actor

I was very impressed with Danny the Dragon and the message that he helps promote of politeness and responsibility. Even my six-year-old son grasped this important message. Boys and girls in the primary grades will certainly take a quick liking to this set of friends!  — Stephen Billhardt, Father, Principal, Cunniff School, Watertown, MA (kindergarten fifth grade)