About the Author / Q’s and A’s

Tina Turbin wrote her first children’s story at age 16. Although she initially lacked the support of her family by pursuing this passion, she was determined to chase her artistic dream! Once Tina became a mother, she took a step back from her art and writing and devoted her life to her children, knowing she’d return to her artistic endeavors at a later point in time when her kids were older.

Tina has led quite an exciting life: Born in Hawaii and featured in LIFE magazine with Bing Crosby’s family at the tender age of 36 months as a top swimmer for the Red Cross, Tina has lived in England, Puerto Rico and the East and West Coast of the United States, always enjoying the outdoors. Tina was an avid horsewoman and avid athlete and now spends much of her time outdoors drawing, painting, sculpting and hiking.

Tina worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California, while raising three very talented and successful children of her own. She founded and ran her own children’s consulting business and art studio, Show Biz Kidz, through which she and her staff, along with local Hollywood studio staff, helped many children in movies and television lead healthy and successful lives. Tina has always had such a very special connection with children.

Bicoastal since the mid-nineties, Tina wrote and lectured on her book Show Biz Kidz East Coast Guidebook, which supplied answers for southern East Coast families. She no longer sells this book as of 2019.


After her kids were grown Tina sold the Show Biz Kidz book to help kids and their families, rather than have a brick-and-mortar business. The process of publishing Danny the Dragon looks vastly different than what would be considered the “norm”. It was an eye-opener and a real learning experience for her. Most often, the publisher pairs an author with an illustrator and doesn’t give them many choices to the author at all. Tina had put a lot of work into Danny the Dragon and wanted to see her vision come to life. Therefore, she decided to take complete control and find an illustrator herself! After reaching out to various artists and looking at different samples, Tina found an artist that she loved, not only for her fabulous work but for her wonderful personality. Interestingly enough, this illustrator, Aija Jasuna is from Latvia, and together they went through a long process to be sure she was able to fully understand and portray the vision Tina had. Tina could not have been more pleased with the aesthetic outcome of the book and the friendship she gained throughout the process.

Creative Child Magazine Media Award


How did you come up with the concept of Danny the Dragon?

This series fulfills a passion of mine to delight children and their families with some magic, the spirit of fun and imagination. I feel that this really should be preserved in every child at all stages, as there is no reason the “flame of life” should burn out just because we grow older and have to take on more responsibilities.

While doing book tours in Florida and taking my time to visit terminally ill children in the hospitals, it became apparent to me that this book truly is for everyone. I wanted to be sure I could reach every child, which is why I have opted into so many versions of my book (hardcover, softcover, DVD, and CD). I had an ASL Interpreter come to one of my readings and sign next to me when I had an audience of mostly hearing-impaired children, and it was such an amazing experience for me. Seeing the kids so engaged in my story and looking at their reactions to it warmed my heart. After that, I realized that there was an even greater population that I could reach, and I went deeper into the process of making the DVD.

What other things do you like to do?

I like to spend as much time as I can observing, gathering data, researching and developing recipes for two other websites of mine www.PaleOmazing.com and www.GlutenFreeHelp.Info. I love to paint, draw, sculpt, design and express my artistic dreams and passions. I am also a licensed decorator, so I am always redesigning and I really enjoy that process.

I totally enjoy being with my husband, my kids, grandson, and friends.