About the Author / Q’s and A’s


Tina Turbin wrote her first children’s story at age 16.
She has led an exciting life: Born in Hawaii and featured in LIFE magazine with Bing Crosby’s family at the tender age of 36 months as a top swimmer for the Red Cross, Tina has lived in England, Puerto Rico and the West Coast of the United States. The arts have always surrounded her and been a major part of her life.

Creative Child Magazine Media Award

While working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California, Tina raised three very talented and successful children. She ran her own consulting business and studio,
Show Biz Kidz, through which she and her staff along with local Hollywood studio staff helped many children in movies and television lead healthy and successful lives.

Bicoastal since the mid-nineties, Tina wrote and lectured on her book Show Biz Kidz East Coast Guidebook, which supplied answers for southern East Coast families.

How did you come up with the concept of Danny the Dragon?
This series fulfills a passion of mine to delight children and their families with some magic, the spirit of fun and imagination, which I feel really should be preserved in every child at all stages. I truly believe there is no reason the “flame of life” should burn out just because we grow older and have to take on more responsibilities.

What other things do you like to do?
I like to spend as much time as I can observing, gathering data, researching and writing (www.TinaTurbin.com; www.GlutenFreeHelp.Info), and I love to cook. I also love to paint, draw and design and am a licensed decorator, so I am always playing around with fabrics and redesigning things for my own satisfaction.
I totally enjoy being with my husband, my kids, and genuine, upbeat friends.
Oh, and I love Pilates too.

Will you continue to visit schools and libraries?

We are currently taking our two puppies and dogs through training to become Canine Citizens, a series of classes to allow qualified dogs to attend hospitals. Besides visiting schools and libraries, I will be able to visit ill children with one of the pups and read Danny the Dragon to them. This is just another way I can be out there helping to put a smile on people’s faces and lightening their hearts with some “fun and imagination.”