Radio Interviews With Multi Award Winning Children’s Author Tina Turbin To Be Broadcast By Prominent Radio Station

Award winning children’s author, Tina Turbin, achieves yet another victory. Los Angeles, CA- Acclaimed children’s author Tina Turbin, best known for her multi-award-winning Danny the Dragon children’s book series, recently made two radio appearances on Magnificent Menopause and Beyond—Embracing Midlife to talk about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. Both of her radio interviews have been selected for broadcast on the major women’s radio station Heartbeat Radio for Women, a tremendous victory for the celiac community. A passionate advocate for celiac disease, an autoimmune disease triggered by gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, Turbin appeared on Magnificent …

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Chatting with the Hartford Books Examiner

It was a pleasure to be interviewed again by the Hartford Book Examiner. This was the third Q&A I’ve done so far with Mr. John Valeri since the release of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy and the whirlwind that followed during my East Coast and West Coast book tours. I can always count on insightful questions from the Hartford Books Examiner. In the latest interview, we talked about the release of my iPad and iPhone app for Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy. The app stands out for being the only children’s book app to have sign language interpretation. Check out …

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Autism-Vaccine Author Defends His Research

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who published a study in 1998 about the possible link between autism and vaccines which was subsequently questioned and discredited by the medical community, has defended his work in an interview on CNN. Dr. Wakefield’s work has been discredited over the past several years, and ten of the eleven doctors who were involved in the study have removed their names from it. The Sunday Times reports that Dr. Wakefield “changed and misreported results” in his research, according to “confidential” medical documents and interviews with witnesses. Dr. Wakefield’s study was published in February 1998 in The Lancet medical …

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Read My Interview on

I’m honored to have been interviewed by Vicky of BFKbooks (, formally The Bookfiend’s Kingdom. BFKbooks features book reviews, exclusive interviews with authors, and the opportunity to buy books. Vicky asked me all about my Danny the Dragon children’s book series, my background, and my passion for raising awareness for celiac disease, an autoimmune reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Read the interview by clicking on the link below: Tina Turbin b.a. 

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Very Informative Interview with UK Resident on Autism, Gluten, Books and More – Vicky Warren Speaks Openly

1. Tell me about you and your background and how you are involved in the area of gluten-free, autism etc. I used to be a nurse and midwife before David and I got married in 1969 – we then went on to have 5 daughters between 1972 and 82! I first became aware of having difficulties in digesting wheat within 24 hours of giving birth to Naomi my oldest daughter in 1972, and with each successive child birth the problem got worse, eventually leading to my doctor sending me to hospital for allergy tests, which proved nothing!! It wasn’t until my 4th …

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Q and A session with a HS in Albany, New York

I am often asked many queston on the radio, in a school, or libarary about the many aspects of writing, the book itself, the characters etc. I decided to share a Q and A emailed to me which I had with a HS in Alabany. My answers are after the numbered questions short and sweet but I share my sincere opinion as an Artist and Author to everyone below these questions-especially aspiring writers. Teacher: Hi Tina, I hope your trip was enjoyable!  We did do a read-aloud with your book and the students had a number of questions in both …

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Home-Schooler Travels 50 States with Skateboard and Dad

Home-schooled 12 year old Logan and his dad Matt Winkler are traveling all 50 states during Logan’s 6th grade year and skateboarding wherever they go. This weekend they are staying at Bobbi Burger Brunoehler house in the Los Angeles area. They still have the following states to go to: HI, AK, OR, WA, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kentucky, W Va and Va. The travelers are staying with friends, family and couch surfing. According to Bobbi they are wonderful guests.  Bobbi shares, “Matt is a fabulous dad and a great conversationalist and Logan is a pleasant young man.  I recommend them …

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Over 100 Downloads of Tina Turbin’s Radio Interview

Tina Turbin’s radio interview on the Francesca Durham Radio Show in October was a terrific success! Francesca Durham (radio show host) had many kind words to say about Tina, including the fact that Tina is a “consummate professional.”  “Thought I would give you the update from our show, we have had over 100 downloads to date which is excellent and of course the numbers keep going up.  “Thanks again for initiating contact with Tina, she is lovely…”

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Getting the Kids to Listen: Danny the Dragon Author Offers Some Tips

I was sent this lovely article written and published recently after a brief interview by reseacher and writer Robert Bell. I thought I’d share this with all of you It’s time for dinner and you’ve called to your children three times so far to turn off the TV and come to the table to eat.  You start using threats of coming into the living room yourself to turn off the television, to ban TV for the rest of the night, or to eat their dinners for them, but they still don’t come. Sound familiar? But aren’t kids supposed to have …

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Tina Turbin – featured on the “Garden of the Soul” radio show segment entitled, “Creating a Bright Future Through Children’s Literature”

Lynn Serafinn, host of the “Garden of the Soul” radio show, had the pleasure of interviewing two children’s authors, Tina Turbin being one of them, on Wednesday August 5th. A highly insightful show, the discussion included the focus of Tina’s “Danny the Dragon” book series: mainly to inspire simple values of kindness, friendliness as well as healthy eating and dietary awareness in children; and many other important topics were explored, such as the ways in which authors, parents and teachers can use literature to spark positive change in our children, despite a media-saturated society. Visit the following link and click …

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