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Danny the Dragon Hosts Gluten-Free Cupcake Party!

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Natural Remedies for Your Child’s Tinnitus

When I visited a school for the deaf on my East Coast book tour for my children’s book, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, I hardly knew much of anything on the subject of deafness and hearing problems. Since making the promise to myself to reach out to deaf and hard of hearing children, first by releasing the first children’s book iPad app with sign language interpretation, I learned about tinnitus among children, surprised by how common it among kids. If your child has been diagnosed with tinnitus, you two can rest fairly comfortable with the fact that many children with …

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Tea Time Mix-Up

There’s nothing like a cup of tea to get me in the mood to write! I enjoy a cup of strong black tea in the mornings when I am going to be writing all day, full of caffeine and some delicious vanilla soymilk to top it off. In the evenings, I switch to decaf black tea or sometimes I enjoy mint or chamomile tea, which I find relaxing and fragrant.   Yesterday morning I fixed myself a cup of English Breakfast Tea and had a very productive morning, and I switched to Earl Grey in the afternoon. In the evening …

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Treasure Hunt with the Munch Crunch Bunch

Treasure Hunt with the Munch Crunch Bunch is a storybook and activity book in one designed for children to help them learn about food so they themselves can be empowered to make healthy choices. Now what parent wouldn’t want that? This book has lots of fun, hands-on activities for families: board games; fruit and vegetable food riddles (“foodles”); ways to make grocery shopping educational and fun; and a terrific read tucked inside. Designed for 3-8 year olds, this book has so much color and life it’s entertaining for any parent, relative or teacher. The book is really laid out perfectly …

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Cilie Yack is Under Attack! By Caryn Talty

If you have celiac disease like me, you’re probably aware of the abundance of resource guides available on the market. Many of these have proved to be invaluable to the celiac community, but there remains a segment of the celiac population who haven’t been able to benefit as we have from such books—children. Thanks to Caryn Talty, a former schoolteacher living in Chicago, celiac kids now have not only an informative resource, but a creative and entertaining one at that—Cilie Yack is Under Attack! This fictional book follows the adventures of the Irish boy Cilie Yack, who experiences an array …

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Autism-Vaccine Author Defends His Research

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who published a study in 1998 about the possible link between autism and vaccines which was subsequently questioned and discredited by the medical community, has defended his work in an interview on CNN. Dr. Wakefield’s work has been discredited over the past several years, and ten of the eleven doctors who were involved in the study have removed their names from it. The Sunday Times reports that Dr. Wakefield “changed and misreported results” in his research, according to “confidential” medical documents and interviews with witnesses. Dr. Wakefield’s study was published in February 1998 in The Lancet medical …

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Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs – Valentine’s Day Recipe

  Below is a little teaser of a recipe from a soon to be released book, Gluten Free Cookies by Luane Kohnke. As many of you know, in addition to my work as a children’s author, I also conduct taste-testing and reviews of gluten-free companies and authors. You will have an opportunity to read the review of many tested recipes we will be doing out of Luane’s book over the next two months. So check back soon at the above mentioned link! Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day, Tina   Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs Ingredients: 1 cup brown rice flour1/3 …

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Listen to My NABBW (National Association of Baby Boomer Women) Teleseminar on Celiac Disease

  In addition to my work as a children’s author, I am dedicated to bringing awareness to celiac disease, which is caused by an autoimmune reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, leading to damage to the small intestine and a variety of serious physical and mental symptoms.   I had the honor and pleasure of delivering a teleseminar on celiac disease with Anne Holmes, the “Boomer-in-Chief” of the NABBW, National Association of Baby Boomer Women.   Follow the link below to have a listen or download the teleseminar as an MP3:   Enjoy! …

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Reduce Your Exposure to Chemical Food Dyes – Part 2

    The easiest way to avoid or reduce your exposure to chemical coloring is simply to avoid a lot of processed food.  Check your gluten-free labels always. FD&C on a label means the FDA allows the dyes to be used in food, drugs and cosmetics.  Sometimes you’ll see FDA Red 40 or FD&C Red 40, so these are just 2 ways the labeling is used. The FDA allows nine synthetic color additives to this date despite consumer advocacy groups showing mass evidence of the 2 dyes; Red 40 and Yellow 6 linked to hyperactivity, hence attention disorders. Also, the …

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Chemical Food Dyes and Hyperactivity – Part 1

  Chemical dyes are in all types of foods and despite evidence of some of them wreaking havoc; the FDA has allowed them to remain on the “safe list”. Manufacturers like to use them due to their capabilities to enhance foods, gums etc.  The results are vivid, consistent and very appealing. The FDA monitors the production of nine synthetic color additives they consider safe.  Consumer advocacy groups have linked two of these dyes, Red 40 and Yellow 6, to hyperactivity in many children. It is said that sometime in late 2010 the European Union will require any product containing these …

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