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Happy Family Raves about Their Danny the Dragon Set

 Danny the Dragon fans are the best! Hearing from them lights up my day like nothing else!

Recently a family purchased the Danny the Dragon set (the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy softcover book and Danny the Dragon DREAMS CD). The mother, Chantelle, wrote in to tell me how happy her son Rohan was with his set, and she even sent me PICTURES!

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My Book Review Featured on Nikki’s Hurricane Adventure Website

    As you can imagine, as a children’s author, I do a lot of reading and love to pass on to Danny the Dragon fans my children’s literature recommendations.

    You’ve probably heard me talking about the illustrated kids book by Kevin and Laura Sanchez, Nikki’s Hurricane Adventure, and the amazing true story behind it. If not, here’s a refresher: Nikki the cat was separated from her family in 2008 during an evacuation for Hurricane Gustav 85 miles from home, and she found her way back 4 months later! Her owners Kevin and Laura later wrote down their imagined adventures of Nikki the Cat, and Nikki’s Hurricane Adventure was born! What’s more, half of the profits of the book are being donated to cancer research.

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Danny the Dragon Hosts Gluten-Free Cupcake Party!

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This Child Loves Danny the Dragon!

This lovely and heartwarming letter came in to me today from a mother in England who purchased a book via this Danny the Dragon website. As an author this is one of those special moments in our lives that we know we are doing what we love and it is touching others. I think any other children’s author will agree with me on this.
Hi Tina 🙂
We have one VERY EXCITED little boy!! 🙂
He absolutely loved waking up to a package on Saturday morning. Jumped out of bed and said “Can I go to School today?” and I said “No. But there is a surprise for you downstairs for being so good this week!”
Thanks again for the great service via the site and the ordering arrangement.
As for some of the extra bits and bobs sent in the package ( door hangers, bookmarkers, tattoos, pencils) some of them Ro intends to share with his friends. They will all be enjoying Danny the Dragon here in England.
Thanks so much!

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Natural Remedies for Your Child’s Tinnitus

When I visited a school for the deaf on my East Coast book tour for my children’s book, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, I hardly knew much of anything on the subject of deafness and hearing problems. Since making the promise to myself to reach out to deaf and hard of hearing children, first by releasing the first children’s book iPad app with sign language interpretation, I learned about tinnitus among children, surprised by how common it among kids. If your child has been diagnosed with tinnitus, you two can rest fairly comfortable with the fact that many children with tinnitus eventually grow out of it. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things you can do to alleviate it in the meantime. Along with a qualified healthcare practitioner, you may be able to find some natural remedies that can lessen your child’s tinnitus or cure it altogether.

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