Tea Time Mix-Up

There’s nothing like a cup of tea to get me in the mood to write! I enjoy a cup of strong black tea in the mornings when I am going to be writing all day, full of caffeine and some delicious vanilla soymilk to top it off. In the evenings, I switch to decaf black tea or sometimes I enjoy mint or chamomile tea, which I find relaxing and fragrant.


Yesterday morning I fixed myself a cup of English Breakfast Tea and had a very productive morning, and I switched to Earl Grey in the afternoon. In the evening I still had work to do, so I made myself some decaf tea…or so I thought! It turns out it was actually the fully-caffeinated English Breakfast tea. Let’s just say I had an extremely productive evening, too! I tried hitting the hay around midnight, but when I couldn’t sleep I went back to my studio and worked until 3 in the morning! I have to say, I got a lot done, but a girl’s got to get her beauty sleep too!


Do you have a favorite tea for settling down to a special task? What’s your favorite for winding down after a long day?


Tina Turbin


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