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12-30-17 Young and Raw Shares Tina Turbin’s Super Quick Vegan Noodle Dish
12-26-17 Tina’s Paleo Popovers shared with Yumgoggles Readers
12-17-17 Tina Turbin’s Healthy Recipe for Brussels Sprouts on DelishBook
12-05-17 Paleo Pie Crust by Tina Turbin on FoodWhirl
11-18-17 PaleOmazing Listed as a Favorite Food Blog! on
11-11-17 Tina Shares the link of Sjogrens Syndrom to Celiac Disease on in Hopes of Helping those with Difficulties
10-25-17 Tina’s Delicious Crockpot Recipe is Shared as One of the Best Slow Cooker Meals you’ll Want to Eat Every Night
10-07-17 TheWomanHub Shares Tina’s insight into Creating Food Dishes Gluten-Free and How Easy it Can be
9/29/17 MidWesternMomma Shares Tina’s Paleo Salmon Recipe with Her Followers
9/24/17 Yumgoogle says Paleo Popovers are a Great Grab and Go Item
9/13/17 FoodWhirl recommends Tina Turbin’s Autumn Recipe for Their  Readers
8/22/17 Tina’s Soup Recipe is a Hit on Recipefy with Her Twist of Bacon Added to Butternut Squash Soup
8/12/17 Sesame Brussels Sprouts Make a Delicious Side dish or Appetizer Following Tina’s Paleo Recipe on Delishbook
8/2/17 Tina Turbin’s Paleo Mint Chip Ice Cream is a Paleo Hit on Paleo Hacks
7/20/17 Paleo Creamy Mint Chip Ice Cream is Possible Following Tina Turbin’s Recipe on
7/15/17 Popular Blogger, Jennifer Branz, Shares a Delicious Lemon and Thyme Chicken Recipe from Paleomazing for her Low Carb Category
7/2/17 Tina Turbin is Part of Carla’s Cooking Podcast on Itunes
7/1/17 Tina’s Lemon and Thyme Chicken Recipe is Featured as a 30 Minute Meal on Jennifer Banz Site
6/28/17 Tina Recipe, Marinated Filet Mignons, Included in Mark Sissons Primal Blueprint cookbook!
6/25/17 Tina Turbin Collaborates with Other Top Paleo and Primal Recipe Developers and Bloggers on an Exciting Project
6/23/17 Tina Features Summer Cake by the Popular Rossy Neame of Primal Yum.
6/16/17 Turbin Joins the Team of Experts Exposing the Oil Fraud and Explains how to buy the “good stuff”.
6/3/17 Oil Pulling Clarified by Experts at Skinny Coconut Oil on Tina’s Popular Website
5/30/17 Elana Amsterdam Collaborated Once Again with Tina, Sharing Her Vanilla Paleo Cupcakes
5/8/17 Tina’s Delicious Elegant Filet Mignon Recipe is Featured on Personally Paleo
5/4/17 Delishbook Features a One Dish Meal of Tina Turbin’s on their Site
5/1/17 YumGoggle Shares Cauliflower Soup Recipe from Paleomazing Site
4/29/17 Dairy Free Coffee Ice Cream is Fun to Make Following Tina’s Recipe and Directions on GoDairyFree
4/25/17 A Delicious and Quick Kelp Noodle Recipe from Paleomazing is shared on Delicious Raw Website
4/22/17 Tina’s Paleo Lemon Cookies are Featured on Top Dairy-Free Website
4/10/17 Low Carb So Simple Shares Tina Turbin’s Crustless Quiche Recipe
3/31/17 Top Dairy-Free Website Posts Tina’s Paleo Coffee Ice Cream Recipe
3/22/17 Tina’s Paleo Crab Cakes are Shared on
3/13/17 The Keto Diet App Promotes and Houses Tina Turbin’s Recipe For Keto Chocolate Ice Cream with Only 4 Ingredients
3/10/17 Delicious and Easy Vegan Noodle Dish By Tina Turbin is Shared on
3/03/17 Now Shares all of Tina Turbin’s Recipes from Paleomazing
2/20/17 publishes Tina’s grain-free, gluten-free tabbouleh recipe
2/19/17 decides to feature Tina’s noodle recipe too
2/19/17 publishes Tina’s delicious low-carb noodles with cheeze recipe
2/17/17 Tina shares her delicious coffee cacao cupcakes with Yumgoggle
2/10/17 Tina’s Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies are a Big Hit on Recipefy
2/8/17 Tina has a Personal Profile on as an Award Winning Author
2/3/17 Tina’s Paleo Butterscotch Ice Cream is used on BlogLunch
2/1/17 Tina Shares a Delicious Keto Diet Friendly Recipe for Chocolate Cake on the KetoDietApp
1/28/17 Tina Gets an In Depth interview on for Their Humans of Paleo Section
1/20/17 Tina Creates a Delicious Paleo Dinner with Beef Ribs on Recipefy
1/16/17 Tina’s Paleo Recipe for Pizza Crust is Featured as a Recipe to Make for the Superbowl on Wellness Site
1/5/17 Sure Paleo Shares Tina Turbin’s Paleo Fig Cookie Recipe Under Their Fig Category
12/28/16 Personally Paleo Shares Tina’s Candied Pecans on Their Site
12/26/16 Food Whirl Goes Bananas for Tina’s Perfectly Done Paleo Ribs
12/25/16 Tina Creates a Keto Friendly Dessert for the Keto Diet App
12/23/16 Tina’s Keto Recipe for Delicious Paleo Short ribs is Featured on the Keto Diet App
12/20/16 Honeyville Farm’s Shares Tina’s Delicious Paleo Candida Muffins
12/20/16 Paleo Tabbouleh is Easy and Possible – Follow Turbin’s Recipe on Recipefy
12/18/16 Yumgoggle Shares Tina’s Hazelnut Mint Tart 
12/14/16 FoodWhirl Shares Tina’s Paleo Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies
12/13/16 Tina Shares Her Devine Chocolate Tart with YoungandRaw
9-6-2016 Danny the Dragon is Listed as a Top Itunes App on
8-1-2016 Danny the Dragon is Mentioned as a Resource for Children Using Sign Language on
6-3-2016 Frisco Public Library Stocks Tina Turbin’s Danny the Dragon Book
4-16-2016 Tina Has a Four Page Spread and is Featured in Alternative Health Magazine
4-14-2016 Tina’s Paleo Spaghetti Squash Recipe is Shared on Cherry Share
4-13-2016 Paleo Crab Cakes are simple and Mouth Watering on Recipefy with the Help of Tina Turbin
4-12-2016 Health and Paleo Never Looked so Good on with Tina’s Paleo Crustless Tart
4-10-2016 Tina’s Interview is Shared as a Reference for Ulcerative Colitis on Major Diet Site
4-7-2015 Tina’s Easy to Follow Duck Recipe is Shared on
4-2-2016 Chocolate for Breakfast with the Help of Tina Turbin
3-30-2016 Sunday Brunch is Made Easier with Tina’s Helpful Pancake Recipe
3-24-2016 Tina Makes Some Delicious Paleo Scones on TheCherryShare
3-20-2016 Paleo Pork Chops are Made the Easy Way on DelishBook by Tina Turbin
3-1-2016 StartTraining Promotes Danny the Dragon on iStoryTime
6-27-2014 AppDiscovery Shares Danny the Dragon 2 times this week.
6-11-14 Features Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy iPad App as Highly Reviewed App
8-31-2013 Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy Receives a Wonderful Review by Writer Shala Jones on her Website
12-28-2012 Danny the Dragon is Featured as the Perfect Gift for a Celiac Child by NFCA
09-16-2012 Danny the Dragon iPad app is featured as top 10 apps on Best10Apps
08-12-2012 Elizabeth Armstrong Moore reviews Danny the Dragon iPad app on C/Net
08-10-2012 Danny the Dragon iPad app is demoed by DigitalPodcast
07-21-2012 Danny the Dragon mentioned in St Kilian’s school newsletter
07-15-2012 Danny the Dragon iPad app listed as a transport picture book on Podnova site
07-10-2012 Danny the Dragon iPad app featured on TechingSpecialEd site
06-29-2012 Danny the Dragon iPad app placed in top 300 on apptrace site
06-23-2012 Danny the Dragon iPad app listed as app for kids with hearing loss on sneakotb site
06-20-2012 Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD sold on cduniverse site
06-15-2012 Danny the Dragon iPad app listed as a special education app on learningsupportcoordinator site
06-08-2012 Danny the Dragon iPad app listed as a special education app on learning site
06-03-2012 Danny the Dragon iPad app recommended as top app for children who are hearing impaired
06-01-2012 Danny the Dragon wins Indie Excellence award for Best Children’s Book and Audio Set
05-21-2012 Tina Turbin featured as writer on Aestyria site
05-16-2012 Danny the Dragon Ipad app featured on hearing impaired site
04-20-2012 Danny the Dragon app article about being featured on Apple for iPad app featured on mobile site
04-19-2012 Danny the Dragon for sale on Powell’s site
04-17-2012 Tina’s article about being an author used for
Best TV Shows Online site
04-16-2012 Red Wiseman writes article on Tina and Danny the Dragon
04-08-2012 Mimi loves site reviews Danny the Dragon and does giveaway
04-01-2012 Tina Turbin interviewed on Valentinetti radio show
03-28-2012 Free Dog Media has Danny the Dragon app for sale
03-25-2012 Danny the Dragon App featured on ASL exposed site
03-21-2012 Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD for sale on Video Collection site
03-01-2012 Tina Turbin and Danny the Dragon’s book tour are featured on prominent article site
02-27-2012 Fun Glog talks about Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy and the Dreams CD
02-15-2012 Blog talks about how listening to Danny the Dragon can help with your child’s education
02-13-2012 Danny has been added to Shack Web directory
02-12-2012 Online Games Blog features Danny the Dragon book in a giveaway
02-11-2012 The new Ipad 3 has readers wanting Danny the Dragon App
02-10-2012 Danny the Dragon Dreams CD is played by orchestra group in sesame street costumes
02-08-2012 Danny the Dragon Dreams CD featured by local orchestra
02-07-2012 Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy given as a giveaway on Mimi Loves all 8 site
02-05-2012 Tina Turbin’s book “Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy” featured on giveaway site
01-31-2012 Danny the Dragon used to promote vocabulary and language growth for a 3rd grade deaf class using the teacher’s iPad2
01-23-2012 Tina Turbin’s reading of Danny the Dragon gives her much recognition on gotcream blog
01-17-2012 Danny the dragon ipad app featured on iosnoops blog
01-14-2012 Danny the dragon is featured on appsineducation blog as an app to get for your hearing impaired child
01-07-2012 Danny the Dragon review on The Children’s Blog
01-06-2012 Danny the Dragon review on AppMinute
01-05-2012 Children’s author Tina Turbin gives parents tips to encourage literacy on blog
11-20-2011 Danny the Dragon Media Set featured in Creative Child’s winter edition
10-27-2011 Danny the Dragon Sits Proudly on Display at the Virginia Library Association Conference.
10-062011 Tina and Danny the Dragon featured on Mymcbooks blog
10-05-2011 Danny the Dragon on Display at the Florida Publishers Association, Inc. 39th Annual Conference
09-26-2011 Reviewer Gerardine Baugh reviews Danny the Drgaon Meets Jimmy on the Examiner
08-20-2011 Faith and Family reviews Danny the Dragon CD and Book
08-20-2011 Faith and Family reviews Danny the Dragon DVD
7-26-2011 Danny the Dragon featured in Iran News
07-20-2011 Danny the Dragon Wins 1st Place Media of the Year Award for Creative Child Awards
06-17-2011 The Deaf Blog UK publishes “Materials for Deaf Children: some helpful resources” By Tina Turbin
06-15-2011 First place award – Best Children’s Picture Book Illustrations 2011, Five Star Publications Inc Purple Dragonfly Book Award
06-13-2011 Rave review on Danny the Dragon DVD on freesamplesreviews blog
06-09-2011 Rave review on Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy on freesamplesreviews blog
05-28-2011 Red Wiseman writes great article about Tina Turbin and Danny the Dragon
05-25-2011 Nikki’s Hurricane Adventure Review by Tina Turbin is showcased on book’s website
04-4-2011 Faith and Family Reviews  – Tina Turbin “2010 Award Winning Author an Inspiration
03-31-2011 The Deaf Blog UK – Tina Turbin contributes a guest column: “Oral Deaf Education: How Does it Measure Up?
03-28-2011 Harford Examiner – Tina Turbin interview about the new Danny the Dragon apps for iPad and iPhone
03-22-2011 – Congratulatory blog post about Tina Turbin’s book awards
03-15-2011 The Deaf Blog UK publishes a review about the Danny the Dragon iPad
03-08-2011 UK includes Danny the Dragon products in their selection
11-09-2010 2010 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards – Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy receives 2nd place in Cover Design
11-03-2010 Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Recipient 2010 – Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services
09-09-2010 iParenting Media Award winner – Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy product line (hardcover book, CD and DVD)
09-01-2010 Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy is translated into Greek
08-19-2010 – iPhone app review
08-19-2010 – iPad app review
08-16-2010 ABC News 10 features the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD
08-15-2010 – iPad app review
08-13-2010 – Tina Turbin interview
08-13-2010 Renowned editor Alice Pope blogs about first app for hearing impaired
08-11-2010 – iPad app review
08-10-2010 “LA Talk Radio with Nina” – Tina Turbin interview
08-05-2010 Apple’s “Special Education – Learning for Everyone” spotlights the iPad app in the iTunes app store
08-05-2010 – iPhone app review
08-05-2010 Official release of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app
08-05-2010 KHEN Colorado radio – Tina Turbin interview
07-31-2010 promotes the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy iPad app
06-24-2010 “The Voices of Baby Boomer Women” blog – Tina Turbin interview
06-10-2010 School Library Journal – DVD review
06-05-2010 Author’s Open House – Safety Harbor Public Library
05-20-2010 National Indie Excellence Awards of 2010 – Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy book/CD set – Winner, “Children’s Picture Books”
005-18-2010 2010 International Book Awards – Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy – Winner, “Children’s Novelty & Gift Books”
05-18-2010 “Online with Andrea” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
05-03-2010 Booklist – DVD review
05-01-2010 SCBWI Bulletin of May/June 2010 promotes Tina Turbin
04-15-2010 Official release of the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD
04-10-2010 Book and DVD review – Charles Ashbacher
04-08-2010 Dunedin Beacon (newspaper) promotes Tina Turbin and the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD
04-07-2010 Florida Library Association – 2010 Annual Conference
04-05-2010 “A Labor of Love” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
04-04-2010 – DVD review
04-03-2010 “Book of Dad” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
04-01-2010 – book review
03-21-2010 The Baytown Sun (newspaper) – book review
03-17-2010 promotes the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD
03-15-2010 Deafness Research Fdn promotes the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD
03-01-2010 “Ask Mom RN” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
02-18-2010 “Healthy Ways for Children” radio show – Tina Turbin
02-11-2010 Milk and Cookies Story Time at the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA
01-16-2010 “Books for Kids Giveaway” – Clearwater Academy, Clearwater, FL
01-04-2010 “Womens Voices” radio show – Tina Turbin
01-02-2010 Official release of the Danny the Dragon Dreams CD
12-12-2009 “Single Dads Town” radio show – Tina Turbin
12-08-2009 Florida Association of Partners in Education promotes Tina Turbin
11-27-2009 The Midwest Book Review’s “Children’s Bookwatch” – book review of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy
11-25-2009 Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) promotes Danny the Dragon to 1000s of member bookstores
11-19-2009 Sunset Park Elementary School, Florida, author reading
11-18-2009 National Best Books Awards 2009 – Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, Award-Winning Finalist
11-13-2009 – Author Showcase
11-12-2009 “ Live” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
11-10-2009 “Role Mommy” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
11-07-2009 Arizona Literary Contest and Book Awards – Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy receives 2nd place in Children’s Literature
11-01-2009 Virtual – book review
11-01-2009 Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine – Tina Turbin featured as the “November 2009 Extraordinary Woman of the Month”
10-30-2009 “Book Bites for Kids” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
10-30-2009 “Sesame Street Halloween Concert” in Pasadena, CA – pre-release of the Danny the Dragon Dreams CD
10-26-2009 “Off the Shelf” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
10-25-2009 “Teacher Talk” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
10-14-2009 Frankfurt Book Fair
10-07-2009 “OC Family” radio show – Tina interview
10-01-2009 National Foundation of Celiac Awareness (NFCA) – Tina and “Danny” start contributing to a column for the monthly newsletter
09-28-2009 “Women Making a Difference” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
09-25-2009 Tina Turbin donates several copies of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy to Altrusa International
08-22-2009 Pamela’s Products, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), Tina Turbin and Danny the Dragon team up for a gluten-free cupcake baking and decorating party to raise celiac awareness
08-21-2009 Tina Turbin and Danny the Dragon contribute to the massive worldwide relief effort to rebuild the library collections damaged during the Victoria, Australia wildfires
08-18-2009 Palm Harbor Public Library – author reading
08-10-2009 Clearwater Public Library – book display
08-05-2009 “Single Again, Now What?” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
08-05-2009 “Garden of the Soul” radio show – Tina Turbin interview
08-01-2009 – Tina Turbin is featured as a “Moxy Woman”
07-31-2009 Beloved children’s author Judy Blume congratulates Tina Turbin
07-29-2009 Largo Public Library – book display
07-29-2009 Gulfport Public Library – author reading
07-19-2009 Arthur Frommer Travel Show congratulates Tina Turbin and Danny the Dragon on the success of the East Coast Book Tour
06-25-2009 Pinellas Park Public Library – author reading
05-28-2009 Book Expo America, NY
05-28-2009 – book review
05-18-2009 St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tampa – author reading
05-12-2009 Shriners Hospital for Children, Tampa – author reading
05-07-2009 Tampa Bay Rays, Tina Turbin and other supporters contribute to the Goddess in the Garden fundraiser for the Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf
05-06-2009 Florida Library Association Conference
05-01-2009 Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf – author reading
04-22-2009 Spring Valley School – author reading
04-20-2009 London Book Fair
03-29-2009 New York State Reading Association Conference
03-23-2009 Bologna Book Fair
02-15-2009 American International Toy Fair
01-23-2009 American Library Association Conference
12-19-2008 Official release of the book Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy