Helpful Tips to Encourage Learning in Your Children

     First of all, read to your children! Studies show that reading to your child can begin before the age of six months, as soon as they’re able to enjoy the images and pictures inside of their books. Children have varying attention spans and you should keep in mind not to push too far past these limits and not to force them to read, as children tend to dislike things they are forced to do when it’s not on their own determinism. You can read to your child or have them read you, or take turns.       Play board games …

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January Parent’s and Kid’s Contest

KID’S January 2010 CONTEST details: Describe of a new good friend for Danny the Dragon and his traveling companion Skipper. The lucky winner will receive a free Danny The Dragon gift basket full of great stuff! Just go to the bottom of this page and enter your ideas. PARENT’S January 2010 CONTEST details: Submit your comments sharing what you like best about this Danny website and why. I’d really like to know actually. One lucky winner a month and this month is an autographed book. Who will the lucky winners be? I hope it’s YOU! Tina

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Getting the Kids to Listen: Danny the Dragon Author Offers Some Tips

I was sent this lovely article written and published recently after a brief interview by reseacher and writer Robert Bell. I thought I’d share this with all of you It’s time for dinner and you’ve called to your children three times so far to turn off the TV and come to the table to eat.  You start using threats of coming into the living room yourself to turn off the television, to ban TV for the rest of the night, or to eat their dinners for them, but they still don’t come. Sound familiar? But aren’t kids supposed to have …

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Turn off the TV—Tips for Families

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. Even though last season’s hit shows were full of stuff you didn’t want your kids to watch or even know about, you turn on the television to find that this season’s shows are even more shocking. One of the best decisions I made years ago for myself and for my family was to cut down on television drastically. As an author, researcher, and humanitarian, I am often approached by parents about a variety of issues. One topic that never ceases to come up is family issues such as how …

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