This Child Loves Danny the Dragon!

This lovely and heartwarming letter came in to me today from a mother in England who purchased a book via this Danny the Dragon website. As an author this is one of those special moments in our lives that we know we are doing what we love and it is touching others. I think any other children’s author will agree with me on this.
Hi Tina 🙂
We have one VERY EXCITED little boy!! 🙂
He absolutely loved waking up to a package on Saturday morning. Jumped out of bed and said “Can I go to School today?” and I said “No. But there is a surprise for you downstairs for being so good this week!”
Thanks again for the great service via the site and the ordering arrangement.
As for some of the extra bits and bobs sent in the package ( door hangers, bookmarkers, tattoos, pencils) some of them Ro intends to share with his friends. They will all be enjoying Danny the Dragon here in England.
Thanks so much!
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