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Vitamin D Can Prevent Children’s Flu

Many studies have recently come out singing the benefits of the super-nutrient, vitamin D, which helps to activate immune cells. It’s recommended that children get 400 IU daily of vitamin D. What’s unique about this nutrient is that you can get it just by enjoying some sun; sunlight triggers production of it in your skin.

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Danny the Dragon Contest Winner – December!

Twelve year old Laurie T.  from Eugene Oregon won the Danny the Dragon contest of December!  She is the lucky recipient of a wonderful gift basket (pictured above) from Danny and Tina filled with all sorts of fun stuff and a signed book from me. Congratulations Laurie! She wrote back ”  Thank you Tina and Danny. This was real fun to draw and win a gift.”

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Review from Malaysia on Danny The Dragon

Review from Malaysia

Alice Teh, Reviewer and Blogger amongst many other professional Hats has reviewed Danny The Dragon amongst several other wonderful books and has now posted these on her website, Here is an excerpt form her review:

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Rounding Out Your Child’s Homeschool Education

     One of the benefits of homeschool is giving your child the opportunity to pursue his own hobbies and interests. I find that homeschooling tends to require less time each day than traditional schooling. Usually, three to four hours of lessons is plenty, and your child can use the rest of his day to take a computer class at the local college, playing community sports, doing volunteer work, etc. It is very important to make sure your child gets plenty of interaction with peers and other adults as well to build the social skills, which are necessary in life as much as academic skills.

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