Review from Malaysia on Danny The Dragon

Review from Malaysia

Alice Teh, Reviewer and Blogger amongst many other professional Hats has reviewed Danny The Dragon amongst several other wonderful books and has now posted these on her website, Here is an excerpt form her review:

“I really enjoyed this 32-page book and reading it made me happy. It does not matter if you are young or young at heart; this book will make you smile. Adults can read aloud to the young ones. I know I would if I have my own kids. Danny the Dragon is beautifully illustrated and every page is so colorful! A satisfying book I am sure families will appreciate and love. I cannot wait to read more of Danny and his other adventures!”

Please read more of her review at after scrolling down the page a bit

Alice Teh is based in Malaysia and is a professional personal assistant. A coffee addict (no sugar and cream, please), she is in love with her blog, books and camera. When not reading (or working), she’s a shutterbug. She blogs regularly.

Thank you Alice!     Tina Turbin

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