Gluten-Free and Your Aging Body wins Silver Medal!

 It’s always an honor to be recognized for your work.  I don’t think anyone could deny that statement and recognition from your peers is always a grand experience.  With Danny the Dragon receiving non-stop recognition since its release, I keep thinking it can’t get better.  A few months ago, I received confirmation that my eBook about my other undeniable cause Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free living Gluten and Your Aging Body had not only been nominated, but won a Silver Medal for eBooks in the Florida Publisher’s Association’s President’s Book Awards.

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Danny the Dragon Hosts Gluten-Free Cupcake Party!

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One of My Articles is Featured in Gluten Intolerance Group of North America Newsletter

I’m happy to announce that this month’s Gluten Intolerance Group of North Texas ( newsletter features one of my articles, “Introducing Gluten to Your Infant.”

The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, also known as GIG,  is a non-profit organization with branches all across the continent with the mission to “provide support to persons with gluten intolerances, including celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, and other gluten sensitivities, in order to live healthy lives.”

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Cilie Yack is Under Attack! By Caryn Talty

If you have celiac disease like me, you’re probably aware of the abundance of resource guides available on the market. Many of these have proved to be invaluable to the celiac community, but there remains a segment of the celiac population who haven’t been able to benefit as we have from such books—children. Thanks to Caryn Talty, a former schoolteacher living in Chicago, celiac kids now have not only an informative resource, but a creative and entertaining one at that—Cilie Yack is Under Attack! This fictional book follows the adventures of the Irish boy Cilie Yack, who experiences an array of misadventures before being diagnosed with celiac disease and becoming a young, gluten-free master chef.

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Danny the Dragon Supports Celiac Awareness

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Immunization and Children: A Look at Australia’s Ban on the Flu Vaccine in Small Children

In my work as a children’s author, researcher, and kids’ health advocate, I stay abreast of the latest health news in an effort to safeguard the health of children.  In my research, I have come across alarming reports from Australia, regarding the health risk of the flu vaccine in children, the same vaccine we use in the U.S. Several startling symptoms have been reported in dozens of children, and the vaccine is now banned by Australian authorities for children under five. In the U.S., however, the vaccine is still being implemented.

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Autism-Vaccine Author Defends His Research

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who published a study in 1998 about the possible link between autism and vaccines which was subsequently questioned and discredited by the medical community, has defended his work in an interview on CNN.

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Read My Interview on

I’m honored to have been interviewed by Vicky of BFKbooks (, formally The Bookfiend’s Kingdom. BFKbooks features book reviews, exclusive interviews with authors, and the opportunity to buy books.

Vicky asked me all about my Danny the Dragon children’s book series, my background, and my passion for raising awareness for celiac disease, an autoimmune reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.

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Tina Sends a THANK YOU to All of You

Dear Friends,

I’m sending this out to say THANK YOU to all of you for your continued support – it’s a tremendous help and been quite an avenue to meet such nice people. I love reading all of your communications too.

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Danny the Dragon is Recognized by the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards


I’m happy to report that Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, the first book in my Danny the Dragon children’s book series, has been recognized by the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards. The Annual Purple Dragonfly Awards is a contest that seeks to award authors of books that appeal to children in all age groups. On their website, they say that they search for books that “inspire, inform, teach or entertain.” I’m honored that they have found those qualities in the story of Danny the Dragon and Jimmy.

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