Tina Sends a THANK YOU to All of You

Dear Friends,

I’m sending this out to say THANK YOU to all of you for your continued support – it’s a tremendous help and been quite an avenue to meet such nice people. I love reading all of your communications too.

A special thanks to many of you for calling and sending in the many questions for the past near two years of radio shows, your suggestions, your invaluable feedback, your questions and for listening in on the various shows. I have been on a 4-month break from the radio shows and interviews I was accepting, enabling me to focus on some exciting projects as a children’s author, a fully grain-free (and of course gluten-free) cook, my work in the celiac arena and of course my studying which is very important to me.

I am being very selective ( or picky as you may say) and will do just a few shows this year, keeping you informed. Some very exciting and very wonderful projects are moving forward. Things have really expanded beautifully.

Wishing you all an amazing 2011 and wishing you all success and accomplishment in your goals.

Tina Turbin



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8 Responses to Tina Sends a THANK YOU to All of You

  1. Victoria Steinham says:

    You’re welcome Tina and thanks for everything you do for us!!!

  2. June Veranche says:

    Well thank you Tina. I just wanted to say thank you because every time I’ve emailed you with questions on your GlutenFreeHelp.info website you’ve always been so responsive and helpful.

  3. Denise Chappell says:

    Aw thanks TIna! Thank you so much for everything you do. I will never forget how excited my kids were when you came to visit their school last year. I am continuing to send your book to friends and family to read to their own kids. We are looking forward to more of your books!

  4. Hilary Jackman says:

    Ooooh so exited about the grain-free project. I have tried cookies made with almond flour that were grain free and I have bought the Grain Free Gourmet book and I’m definitely interested in this diet and its health benefits.

  5. Daysha B says:

    Thanks Tina this has been a great year getting your advice and tips as well as hearing what’s new with Danny the Dragon. I have particularly enjoyed your recipes at GlutenFreeHelp.info. I am gluten sensitive but I think that if you’re not gluten sensitive you should still try these recipes because they’re awesome!

  6. Sharon says:

    Hi Tina thanks so much for your gratitude! We are so happy to be connected to you online through your newsletters and blogs.

  7. Gina McClure says:

    Thanks so much! I was very intrigued with your grain free and gluten free interest as far as diet is concerned. I’m happy to learn about different types of diets and healthy eating. It seems that each person is different and can thrive on different diets, and once you find something that works for you, you should stick with it. Obviously you’ve done that with grain free and that’s great to hear that you are doing well with it.

  8. Sandy says:

    Thank YOU! I can’t believe everything you do–your iPad app for deaf children and your profits being donated to your favorite causes plus your GlutenFreeHelp.info non-profit website! You are awesome!!

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