School Library Journal is Raving about Danny the Dragon!


The renowned and distinguished School Library Journal LOVES Danny the Dragon just as much as the kids do.

A terrific review of the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD was published in the June 2010 issue.  I’m very pleased to share it with you below.

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Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD – Featured in Booklist!

I’m really pleased and happy to share a review of my Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD in the well-known and highly-regarded publication: Booklist.

Tina Turbin






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I Can Do Anything by The Luster Family



Deb Luster, an entrepreneur, woman with a purpose, mother, and proven executive published with her family their first book in November 2004, I Can Do Anything. If you live in her neighborhood, you’ll recognize many familiar faces along with her own three children in this creative picture book.

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Benefits of Online Shopping

      Shopping online can be quite a time-saver. You don’t have to get the kids or yourself ready—just plop in front of your computer in your pajamas with a cup of coffee and this season’s shopping list.

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Health Benefits of Choosing Good Friends

     An author, researcher, and humanitarian, not only have I come across the benefits of friendship in my work, but I’ve experienced them personally. It’s important to be aware of other research which suggests that one should be careful to select positive friends, as the stress that comes from bad friends can negate the health benefits of having their friendship.

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Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy – LIVE on ABC News 10!

My new Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD (including sign interpretation for the deaf) is quickly becoming quite popular with parents, teachers, librarians and children alike. This is a very unique video.

Sacramento’s “Moms Like Me” and Sacramento’s ABC News 10 talkshow entitled “Sacramento and Company” will feature a television segment about my DVD between the hours of 9 and 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, Friday August 16th (for those who are in the Sacramento area, please tune in to your local ABC station to watch the show live). They will air a few DVD clips and are hosting a terrific give-away to 5 lucky winners, to each receive my DVD!

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Boost Your Mood and Boost Your Health

     Start looking at the glass half-full! Keeping oneself in a good mood is likely to stretch your life span. Studies show that people with a positive way of looking at things—even just regarding the aging process—can increase their life span by seven years. Stress and negativity can lead to overall bad health, affecting the heart, immune system, and endocrine system. Choose whatever healthy mood-boosters you know work for you—such as reading a good book, baking cookies, or taking a relaxing bath.

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Study Shows Friendship May Lengthen Life

     Having friends certainly makes you feel good. Now studies are showing that they may in fact be good for you! According to a recent Australian study, there’s evidence that friends may actually help your life last longer.

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Danny the Dragon – A Judge’s Commentary

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy was entered in the 17th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards.  Below I am sharing with you a wonderful, professional judge’s commentary on the book:

“What a terrific cover illustration!  Danny the Dragon is wonderfully drawn and is sure to appeal to kid readers; Skipper and Jimmy are wonderfully drawn, too.  The interior illustrations are as wonderful: bold, bright, comical, full of amazing detail, quirkily fun – wonderful for the story and wonderful on their own.  The story itself is delightful.  What child wouldn’t be intrigued by a talking shell – that turns out to house a talking dragon?  Kids will love that the mother very calmly and casually invites Danny and Skipper to stay for dinner and even agrees to let the dragon spend the night.  (They’ll wish their own moms would be so accommodating.)  Danny is loveable and polite (a nice, subtle lesson in manners for the kids reading this book); Jimmy and Sally’s reactions to his appearance in their household ring true (it’s also nice that they’re shown, without comment, cleaning up after themselves – a nice lesson for kid readers that is done subtly enough to not seem like a lesson).  The story sets up itself for a series of future adventures.  Children will enjoy reading about Danny again and again.”

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Danny the Dragon Contest Winner – February!


William Morris is my February contest winner for a Danny the Dragon gift basket full of fun stuff from Danny the Dragon. Here is what William and his family had to share about his winning a basket like this:
I’m sending Danny the Dragon a picture of me. I hope he can come to my house soon. I love him.” Thank you Tina!  -William Morrison Age 4

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