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Deb Luster, an entrepreneur, woman with a purpose, mother, and proven executive published with her family their first book in November 2004, I Can Do Anything. If you live in her neighborhood, you’ll recognize many familiar faces along with her own three children in this creative picture book.


A mother of three, Debrah soon realized there was not enough positive reinforcement in a child’s environment that encourages a positive attitude and self-esteem. She decided to write a book with her family, which became the start of a movement, a company, and a culture—Can Do Kid, Inc.


The first in a series of Can Do Kids books, this book features nine wonderful children from a very special neighborhood, the Can Do Neighborhood, where multicultural children build positive attitudes and build self-esteem.


This 32-page picture book is a wonderful addition to any 2-to-8-year-old child’s library, sharing the concept of having a positive attitude towards life and others.


While reading the book, a child will easily realize life is fun and attitude is everything. He will shift his attitude, become positive, and truly be able to make anything happen. Now, who wouldn’t enjoy a book that conveys such a message with vivid illustrations and unique character renderings?


I recommend I Can Do Anything by the Luster family and encourage all families to visit the I Can Do It website to connect up with the “culture” of positive living with Deb Luster, her family, and their growing number of many friends.


Tina Turbin

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6 Responses to I Can Do Anything by The Luster Family

  1. Deb Luster says:

    Thank you, Tina for sharing our CAN DO story with your readers. I am a HUGE Danny fan…so are my kids! Our neighborhood of CAN DO KIDS is looking forward to meeting Danny the Dragon someday!

    Thank you for all you do for kids! You are my CAN DO HERO!

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  3. Julie says:

    Tina and Deb –

    Tina, what a great review. The Luster’s are such great people and we love their books…not just because of the great message, but also because of the personal connection my kids feel they have to the authors.

    Deb –
    Congrats on all your success and thank you for all you do to inspire and encourage the kids in our community.

  4. Brant Myers says:

    We are a family of traditions. For example, when we hear of friends or family that are expecting, among the gifts that we bestow upon the happy couple is a copy of The Expectant Father as fathers are often left out of these celebrations and are the ones that need the most help.
    At the baby shower we have traditionally given Sandra Boynton’s Going to Bed Book and But Not the Hippopotamus. We have now added I Can Do Anything to our traditional baby shower gifts. It is a wonderful book and the perfect beginning to any child’s library.

  5. Diane Poplawski says:

    This book looks great, it is very encouraging especially for children to read and see inspiring stories and overcome obstacles. My 2 kids with a food allergy always have challenges and evey little bit of encouragement helps them.

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