Reduce Your Exposure to Chemical Food Dyes – Part 2



The easiest way to avoid or reduce your exposure to chemical coloring is simply to avoid a lot of processed food.  Check your gluten-free labels always.

FD&C on a label means the FDA allows the dyes to be used in food, drugs and cosmetics.  Sometimes you’ll see FDA Red 40 or FD&C Red 40, so these are just 2 ways the labeling is used.

The FDA allows nine synthetic color additives to this date despite consumer advocacy groups showing mass evidence of the 2 dyes; Red 40 and Yellow 6 linked to hyperactivity, hence attention disorders.

Also, the term artificial colors means “dyes from plants and minerals”, not a synthetic source.  Two of these are caramel (used in cola) and annatto extract from a tropical seed and used in some cheeses to make the color desired.

Click here to read Part 1 on how chemical food dyes are linked to hyperactivity.

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