iStoryTime Announces New App: A Book for Deaf Children

iStoryTime, the iPhone App Developer for DreamWorks Animation’s “How to Train Your Dragon,” announces release of New App with Sign Language Interpretation of Award-Winning Children’s Picture Book “Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy”

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Q and A session with a HS in Albany, New York

I am often asked many queston on the radio, in a school, or libarary about the many aspects of writing, the book itself, the characters etc. I decided to share a Q and A emailed to me which I had with a HS in Alabany. My answers are after the numbered questions short and sweet but I share my sincere opinion as an Artist and Author to everyone below these questions-especially aspiring writers.

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Mom’s Talking About 6-Year-Old Handcuffed and Committed in School

Times have been slowly but surely changing and it is stories like this that really can hit home as to the NEED for teachers and school officials to have some of their control taken into account. As a mother of three, and American citizen and a humanitarian I can not believe acts like this can not only occur but that they are. This is a story for every parent to read and every family to understand.

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3rd Edition of Show Biz Kids Guidebook Available

MY 3rd Edition of my Show Biz Kids- East Coast Guidebook is released and available for purchase to help you or your friends in the exciting area of children’s Show Biz and Modeling. You may read reviews as well.

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Homework Help Advice to Parents

     First of all, consistency is key. Except for when extracurricular activities interfere, your child should aim to do his homework at the same time every day as part of his daily afterschool routine. You can test to see when the best time is for homework. Make sure your child has eaten a healthy, high-protein snack before he begins his homework, and studies have shown that many children perform work better after physical exercise, which can increase a child’s concentration.

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Probiotics Can Prevent Children’s Flu

A recent study shows that preschoolers who were given probiotic supplements twice a day were less likely to experience fevers, coughs, and runny noses than preschoolers who weren’t taking any during flu season.  Probiotics are “good germs,” which promote a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria and between good bacteria and yeast in the digestive system. As a result, immunity is boosted.

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Proceeds from Danny the Dragon CD Support Good Cause

         If you’re like most Americans, you probably haven’t even heard of celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder which causes an immune reaction that can affect the entire body, causing both physical and mental problems. The cause? An allergy to gluten, a component of wheat, barley, and rye. The problem with celiac disease is that doctors don’t know much about it either. They don’t know that it affects an estimated 300 million Americans and that with a simple test, a diagnosis can be made and the easy treatment can begin—a gluten-free diet.

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January Parent’s and Kid’s Contest

KID’S January 2010 CONTEST details:

Describe of a new good friend for Danny the Dragon and his traveling companion Skipper. The lucky winner will receive a free Danny The Dragon gift basket full of great stuff! Just go to the bottom of this page and enter your ideas.

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Review from Malaysia on Danny The Dragon

Review from Malaysia

Alice Teh, Reviewer and Blogger amongst many other professional Hats has reviewed Danny The Dragon amongst several other wonderful books and has now posted these on her website, Here is an excerpt form her review:

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Rounding Out Your Child’s Homeschool Education

     One of the benefits of homeschool is giving your child the opportunity to pursue his own hobbies and interests. I find that homeschooling tends to require less time each day than traditional schooling. Usually, three to four hours of lessons is plenty, and your child can use the rest of his day to take a computer class at the local college, playing community sports, doing volunteer work, etc. It is very important to make sure your child gets plenty of interaction with peers and other adults as well to build the social skills, which are necessary in life as much as academic skills.

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