Mom’s Talking About 6-Year-Old Handcuffed and Committed in School

Times have been slowly but surely changing and it is stories like this that really can hit home as to the NEED for teachers and school officials to have some of their control taken into account. As a mother of three, and American citizen and a humanitarian I can not believe acts like this can not only occur but that they are. This is a story for every parent to read and every family to understand.

When a simple call to a police official can get your pre-school or elementary school child handcuffed and placed in a mental institution, you know something is VERY wrong. What gives them the right to by-pass the parent’s authority of the child and by-pass the parent’s right of guardianship. Not that I agree with my 94 year old grandmother when she commented on this,What happened to the good old days with the simple spanking or slap on the back of the hands with a ruler” -but tell me, what has happened to our society? Can’t we expect and demand simple discipline to  child where we can be confident it is  safely applied? Isn’t this our right? My advice to you is “get involved”.

I deal a lot with teachers, children and moms as a children’s author and I can tell you the number of times I speak about kids and the school system is often. I welcome any radio station to have me on when it comes ot topics like this. I have a lot to share about actions like this. Please read this:

On FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2010 a young girl was sent to an adult mental institution for being unruly. This seems to be the way Port St. Lucie’s ( FL) school system has in dealing with disruptive students. This same school district allowed an autistic boy to be voted out of kindergarten class for unruly behavior.

Also, a Parkway Elementary School( FL) student was cuffed and sent to an adult mental institution earlier this month after she through a temper tantrum in the middle of class, reports The police report stated the cuffs were "for her safety and the safety of others”.The handcuffs calmed the little girl down after an hour in the tight silver handcuffs yet little did her and her family know what was ahead.

A few days later, this same girl had another “fit” and the school called the same deputy, who  tossed the little girl in the back of his patrol car and transported her to the local adult mental institution. “The girl’s mother said “These people are going to the extreme”.

5-year-old Alex Barton was voted out of class two years ago for being disruptive in class. Alex Barton had a form of autism and his mother is now suing the school board. The School Board official will most likely be looking into this one!

As American citizens we can not let things like this happen. I welcome your feedback and any involvement or situations you have witnessed like this. We can find many groups to help violations like this. See My Favorites as  a start. Leave a commnet tothis post and I will get it or you may Contact me

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