Danny and I Appear in a Tampa Bay Publication!

 It’s always so exciting when Danny and I are mentioned in the papers! During my Danny the Dragon East Coast Book Tour, we really made waves as reviews and news of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy seemed to pop up everywhere. I just had to share one of the articles with you that is particularly special to me!

The Dunedin Beacon of Tampa Bay not only talked about Danny the Dragon but discussed one of the causes I’m highly passionate about–deaf children’s literacy–and my DVD developed on behalf of this cause. I will never forget that fateful day of my book tour when I visited a school for the deaf and read them my book with the help of a sign language interpreter. The author of the article writes: “…she was alarmed to learn that a high percentage of deaf high school students graduate at the 4th grade reading level…This opened up her eyes to the need for materials to assist their education and raise awareness to these facts. Turbin personally produced the DVD as a result.” And what a success the DVD has been! Parents and children love it, and it’s the recipient of the Creative Child Magazine Media of the Year Award! Profits are being donated to my favorite literacy and other worthy causes.

Thanks so much to the Dunedin Beacon for mentioning Danny and me, and most importantly, for bringing awareness to this important cause!!!


Tina Turbin

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