Take a Sneak Peek at the iPad Danny the Dragon App


Danny fans can now see a preview of the iPad Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy app, which stands out as a groundbreaking innovation for being the first children’s book app with a sign language interpretation mode. iStoryTime, the app developer for DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon, has posted a sample of the signed reading of the book on You Tube.


I’m very pleased with the wonderful job iStorytime has done with the app. iStoryTime co-founder, Woody Sears, has said of the project, “We are extremely proud to release the first-ever children’s book app for the deaf community.”


Check out the link below!




The full app is available for purchase from the iTunes app store.


Tina Turbin


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13 Responses to Take a Sneak Peek at the iPad Danny the Dragon App

  1. Zoe says:

    Looks incredible! iStorytime has done a fantastic job on this.

  2. Sharon says:

    Looks A-mazing!

  3. Zoe says:

    Aw what a great product here and truly groundbreaking. Seriously, I had never even heard of a signed reading for deaf children!

  4. Sasha says:

    Oh WOW!!! I heard that you had a new app, and it’s so great to finally see it! It’s the first one of its kind I heard with sign interpretation. BRAVO!

  5. Susan says:

    LOVE it, Tina!!! We love our iPad so much and are so excited to be able to read about Danny the Dragon on it all the time whenever we want!

  6. Tiffanie says:

    We have this app and are very pleased with it. None of the family is hearing impaired but the kids really want to learn sign language so they love this app.

  7. Gina McClure says:

    What a fine product you’ve created. I can only hope you’ll inspire author children’s authors to create similar apps!

  8. Rae says:

    Just wanted to say we’re very happy with this app and we highly recommend it to other families!

  9. Denise Chappell says:

    Hi Tina I’m really happy that you are breaking out into the app world and this is a particular incredible debut. This is not only a great gift to the deaf community but also to little kids who want to learn American Sign Language. My kids are really interested in learning this language and are so excited that Danny is available in ASL!

  10. Tanya Chapman says:

    Looks great! iStoryTime seems to have done a wonderful job, but that doesn’t surprise me one bit. I caught a preview or at least a glimpse of the app already on MediaBistro.com. Big news!

  11. Jess says:

    Wonderful. It looks very professional and well-made.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    This is great that you have an app! We’re not iPad or iPhone people but we do love your book, CD, and DVD. My daughter Emma has a request though: a girlfriend for Danny in a future book! She says that if Mickey has a girlfriend so should Danny LOL!

  13. Samantha says:

    This looks like a fantastic app. http://www.bestkidsapps.com/ is a great website if parents are looking for good kids apps. They even have a great recommendations for Toddlers! I really really love our iPad and it’s a welcoe addition to our family! We play with it after homework is done every day and with the price of apps, how could you not order a ton of them? New apps is now a reward we give our kids when they do their chores and do well at school. Better than TV!

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