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Reduce Your Exposure to Chemical Food Dyes – Part 2



The easiest way to avoid or reduce your exposure to chemical coloring is simply to avoid a lot of processed food.  Check your gluten-free labels always.

FD&C on a label means the FDA allows the dyes to be used in food, drugs and cosmetics.  Sometimes you’ll see FDA Red 40 or FD&C Red 40, so these are just 2 ways the labeling is used.

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Chemical Food Dyes and Hyperactivity – Part 1


Chemical dyes are in all types of foods and despite evidence of some of them wreaking havoc; the FDA has allowed them to remain on the “safe list”.

Manufacturers like to use them due to their capabilities to enhance foods, gums etc.  The results are vivid, consistent and very appealing.

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Write Your Goals Down

      Writing your goals down on paper (or on your computer in this computer age) is essential.

     A recent study was conducted recently to find what made Harvard’s most successful graduates so successful. It turns out that the common denominator among these prosperous alumni was writing down their goals. Luckily, you don’t need a degree from Harvard to do that.

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Pesticides Are Shown to be Linked to ADHD

As a concerned mother and a children’s author who cares very much for families and children, I found the following article to be both appalling and at the same time refreshing to know that such a critical issue is being exposed. 

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Boost Your Mood and Boost Your Health

     Start looking at the glass half-full! Keeping oneself in a good mood is likely to stretch your life span. Studies show that people with a positive way of looking at things—even just regarding the aging process—can increase their life span by seven years. Stress and negativity can lead to overall bad health, affecting the heart, immune system, and endocrine system. Choose whatever healthy mood-boosters you know work for you—such as reading a good book, baking cookies, or taking a relaxing bath.

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Study Shows Friendship May Lengthen Life

     Having friends certainly makes you feel good. Now studies are showing that they may in fact be good for you! According to a recent Australian study, there’s evidence that friends may actually help your life last longer.

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Tina Turbin Speaks Out – How to Get Organized

Let’s pick up where I left off about my schedule and how I get so much done. To be organized is a good thing and to have a schedule of some sort is always helpful. Sometimes SO MUCH is happening and I have so many deadlines that I think I am going around in little circles. Piles of papers, files, the computers and computer screens. I research and write about companies regarding kids and their health, gluten-free and family issues as this all also aligns with my personal goals to help improve the quality of life and health of others. I write for other publications and sites and it can get a bit overwhelming to keep up with all that is required and to also keep on top of the Danny the Dragon series, tours and my humanitarian interests. This is my what I do: keep a large calendar and I mean LARGE. Write out the appts. and deadlines. Or if you are an aspiring author, set goals. I have found that e-mails are the black hole. I use discipline and do not allow myself to get into them unless I have done what is really important. I also do not at all bother with answering all my e mails as I only reply to those that are important. Some can wait until the week-end or even the next month if you are truly too busy. I do not use my phone or computer for my MAIN calendar. It just does not work for me. To have one BIG calendar up for me to see at all times keeps me focused and organized. Good help is another factor as we all know.

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