Pesticides Are Shown to be Linked to ADHD

As a concerned mother and a children’s author who cares very much for families and children, I found the following article to be both appalling and at the same time refreshing to know that such a critical issue is being exposed. 

While it has been known that pesticides used for our food and vegetable supply pose a variety of health risks, the fact that these same pesticides are linked to so-called ADHD in children is a truth that every parent needs to know about.

Click here to read the full article.   Afterwards, browse through this section of  my website for MANY helpful tips, resources and information to improve your family’s and your children’s quality of life.

I hope the above information helps you.

Tina Turbin

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3 Responses to Pesticides Are Shown to be Linked to ADHD

  1. Alanna says:

    wow, this is good info to know about.thanks!

  2. Omar Bradley says:

    I read the article that you posted. this is horrible! This is a huge nation-wide problem. I’m so glad we have a choice and can go to stores that sell organic produce.

  3. George Brett says:

    This will definitely make me think twice about what my children eat. Thanks for posting!

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