Celiac Diagnosis Is on the Rise

     There is good news for the millions of Americans who suffer from celiac disease, or coeliac disease, and gluten intolerance—celiac diagnosis among adults is on the rise. Not only does this mean that more and more people are experiencing relief for their painful symptoms, but the door is opening for gluten intolerance support around the country.

     Says Dr. Peter Green, MD, Professor of Medicine and head of the Celiac Disease Research Center at Columbia University, a higher rate of diagnosis means a higher rate of support. Dr. Green personally diagnoses 2,400 people a year at his center and works hard to raise awareness in the medical community so that doctors across the country will be able to recognize and test for the symptoms of celiac disease.

     Although celiac diagnosis is on the rise, this is only among adults, leaving out the many children who suffer from gluten intolerance and from misdiagnosis. It is common for children to experience what Dr. Green calls a “brain fog,” leading to troubles in school and symptoms of psychiatric children’s disorders such as ADD, ADHD, and depression. It is not unusual for a celiac child to be mistakenly diagnosed with a psychiatric problem improperly administered medical drugs.  

     This is why Dr. Green and other celiac advocates are working harder than ever to raise celiac awareness. Although diagnosis is slightly up among adults, this is not enough. The diagnosis statistic must be fully reverted among children and adults. This is the only way to bring broad-scale relief and gluten-free awareness to this country.

Tina Turbin

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