Grammy Award Make-Up Artist helps Tina in LA

Mara Rouse has a history of exceptional credits to her resume to add another jam packed filled week of applying make-up for the celebrity pre-parties to the Grammys as well as the Grammys this year, 2010. Mara Rouse is now the make-up artist for any parties or shoots we do while in Los Angeles.

Mara specializes in Special Effects but loves it all. If it involves applying make-up she has interest. Mara moved here from Washington state to pursue her career working and apprenticing with Top people in the business. Hard work and perseverence got her to where she is now and we are very proud to have her as part of our LA team.

While in LA there are many times we need a little make-up done on the kids or me ( not Danny of course), to look just a bit better on a video or film shoot with the lighting. She has helped in the past and she has officially signed on as our “team”, unless something more important comes up- like the Grammys.

Mara Rouse is available fo hire:

Thank you Mara. Tina Turbin

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