Danny the Dragon Invited on a Cruise

I am so excited to be a part of the Kiddie Cruise, themed as “Tea Party with Knights and Dragons” which launched out of New York’s Hudson River. Being the only dragon was a thrill!

This cruise was aboard the Queen of Hearts which sailed on the Hudson River this past Sunday with goodie bags gathered from some of the best such as Toy Story- along with special gift from Danny the Dragon and me.

Tons of kids climb aboard for 2 hours of fun with face painting, karaoke, puppet shows, balloons, arts and crafts and of course, a healthy lunch. Danny the Dragon was a part of all of that on the Princess special themed cruise,  Tea Party with Knights and Dragons.

Danny the Dragon and me supplied special Danny the Dragon pencils, Danny the Dragon tattoos, Danny the Dragon bookmarkers and Danny the Dragon door hangers. The kids were just thrilled and we have been invited on another cruise!

Activities like this are terrific for kids and I was really happy to contribute to this and be part of such a special event.

Check me out on kiddiecruise.com under the “Our Friends” tab and you will see Danny sitting there amongst some terrific new “friends”.

Bon Voyage and till next time.

Tina Turbin



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