Successful Tips to Get Your Child to Eat Vegetables!

I’ve written my 2nd article for the September issue of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) newsletter, which focuses on: fun, sure-fire ways to help your child to actually LIKE eating vegetables, as well as proven methods to “sneak” vegetables in to many of your everyday meals.

I’m sure you’ll agree, many parents will benefit from the above!

Read the full article here and prepare for some meal-time magic! After you click on the above link, be sure to scroll about halfway down the page, and go to my section entitled: “Tid Bits with Tina”.

Happy vegetable eating! And if you’d like to share your own proven, successful methods for vegetable-eating with kids and/or have any success with your kids as a result of this blog entry, please do let me know.

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