Five Questions to Find Celiac Disease in Children



How can you find out if YOUR child should be tested for celiac disease?

WebMD Health News recently published a questionnaire that you can use to find out if your child has celiac disease and needs to be put on a gluten-free diet. According to the article, at least half of children with celiac disease NEVER get diagnosed, leaving them suffering from the painful physical and mental symptoms of the disease.

Instead of indiscriminately administering a blood test to kids, now we can narrow down the children who need to be tested by asking them five questions:

1. Has your child ever suffered from abdominal pain more than twice during the last three months?

2. Has your child ever had diarrhea lasting more than two weeks?

3. Does your child have a tendency to firm and hard stools?

4. Does your child gain enough weight?

5. Does your child gain enough height?

Check out the link below!


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