You Can Raise Awareness for Celiac Disease

     How do we get the estimated three million Americans with celiac disease properly diagnosed and adequately treated? The answer lies in increased awareness and research. There are currently 49 autoimmune diseases, and celiac disease is the only one which isn’t supported in research by the government. This needs to change.


     In my research efforts to find out the answer to the painful symptoms I was suffering, I was finally able to get the proper diagnosis. It took a lot of time and determination, and most people aren’t able to devote themselves to this degree. It’s not right that millions of people are suffering from a disease that can treated so easily yet the diagnosis for which is so elusive, when simply educating doctors in its symptoms would bring these people relief.


     While efforts are surely being made to get the U.S. government to fund research and to raise awareness for this disease, there are some things you can do yourself beside just writing your representatives, which I highly suggest you do. If you were to send out this article to a hundred people or speak to the same number of people about this subject, chances are, you would come across a sufferer of celiac disease and you would change that person’s life. Better yet, post it on a blog or forward it to friends and have them forward it themselves. In this way, you may be able to contact many more than a hundred people. The increased awareness will surely lead to increase relief.

Tina Turbin

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