Increased Awareness of Celiac Disease in U.S. Brings Increased Support

     In the United States, a slightly increased rate of celiac diagnosis among adults has already lead to increased support. Gluten-free foods and gluten-free recipes are more readily available than ever. The Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program (GFRAP) assists in the mutually beneficial relationship between people diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance and restaurants, resulting in an increase in the number of restaurants which can provide service to people following a gluten-free diet while increasing their patronage. Participating restaurants are able to provide gluten-free meals. As more and more people are diagnosed with gluten intolerance, their list of participating restaurants will surely grow.

      Why is America way behind in celiac awareness? It probably has something to do with the fact that celiac disease is the only autoimmune disease that the government doesn’t support with research grants. Centers such as Dr. Green’s Celiac Disease Research Center are one-hundred percent dependent on charitable donations or university funds. Even though diagnosis is slightly up for celiac adults, this isn’t enough to raise awareness and bring relief for the three million people who suffer from celiac disease, nearly ninety-seven percent of whom don’t even know the cause of their painful symptoms. With increased diagnosis, we will surely see increased support, and soon the celiac community will be able to enjoy the same quality of life and food and cooking options which is enjoyed by, for instance, the lactose-intolerant community.

Tina Turbin

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6 Responses to Increased Awareness of Celiac Disease in U.S. Brings Increased Support

  1. Mary says:

    I really hope more people start getting tested. a Lot of people don’t even know what celiac even is.

    • Tina Turbin says:


      You are so right, It is getting so much better known than it was a few years ago, The “awareness” is spreading !
      Thanks for visiting my site- Tina

    • Tina Turbin says:

      So right! Testing is extremely important for a final and precise diagnosis. Tina

  2. Richard Benjamin says:

    I use GFRAP all the time. The website is here:

    I love taking my family out but my children and I are all gluten-intolerant. The site is a great way to find out where you can go without any surprises.

    thanks for sharing this!

  3. Jack Benny says:

    Here in California, we have some great restaurants that offer gluten-free menus. However, when I visit family member’s in other states, in smaller towns, it’s more challenging to find places where my family and I can eat.

    I’m going to look into GFRAP and see how it can help. Thanks Tina!

  4. Crystal Bernard says:

    I heard that celiac awareness is bigger in Europe. I’m glad to hear that the US is finally getting more educated on it.

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