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I want to thank a lovely mom of 5 named Chrissy who submitted an awesome review of Danny The Dragon Meets Jimmy on GoodReads.com a wonderful book review site. Let me share what she had to say and Chrissy, Thank you!

Book – First off, my little girl just loved Danny The Dragon Meets Jimmy. She loves looking at the wonderfully illustrated pages while I read to her. She has enjoyed this book several times over. In the short time it has been at our house I must of read it over 100 times. We would get to the end and she would say again, Mommy. So, we read this book several times during the day.

AudioBook – We listen to the audiobook while we are in the car heading to pick up and drop off the other kids at school. She loves to listen to the book being read to her plus the audiobook has 10 fine classical pieces after the book is finished being read. My little one loves any kind of music and she just loves moving her feet and arms like she’s dancing while in her car seat.

I also like that Tina is donating all of the profits from this audiobook as her gift to the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center. In support of Dr. Peter Green for his research and for his publications which have increased awareness of this auto-immune disease and to a gluten-free diet, for those in need. Visit Tina’s Gluten-Free web site: http://www.glutenfreehelp.info/

DVD – (came out in April 2010) Oh this is a wonderful DVD. The DVD not only shows the pages of the book while it is being read it also has an interpreter for the deaf on the right side of the screen. My little one loves watching the DVD. She will sit there and watch the story being read to her and she loves the colors of the book.

I love the DVD because of the interpreter on it. My oldest daughter who is about to turn 16 is deaf. She is completely deaf in one ear and partially in the other ear since she was 3 months old. She wears a hearing aid and no longer has to use sign to communicate she reads lips well. But when she was a toddler this would have been a tool to help her while she was learning sign.

I also like that Tina Turbin is generously donating half the profits of this DVD to increase awareness and support of literacy and education for Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf, and half the profits to other causes which support literacy and education for the welfare of all children. Tina is honored to be able to help.


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