Home-Schooler Travels 50 States with Skateboard and Dad

Home-schooled 12 year old Logan and his dad Matt Winkler are traveling all 50 states during Logan’s 6th grade year and skateboarding wherever they go.

This weekend they are staying at Bobbi Burger Brunoehler house in the Los Angeles area. They still have the following states to go to:
HI, AK, OR, WA, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kentucky, W Va and Va.

The travelers are staying with friends, family and couch surfing. According to Bobbi they are wonderful guests.  Bobbi shares, “Matt is a fabulous dad and a great conversationalist and Logan is a pleasant young man.  I recommend them highly as guests, especially if you also are into skateboarding.”

If you would like to invite the Winklers to stay with you or know someone in the above states who would like to host them for a couple of days, you can contact them at: 50skatekid@gmail.com Their story is being documented at:


Tina Turbin


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