Danny The Dragon Contest Winner- NOVEMBER!

I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting many schools this month as well as received MANY pictures submitted to the site and to my e mail at info@dannythedragon.com.

We have another winner for the November gift basket! Here she is:

Paulina- 3rd Grade Winner- NOVEMBER
Paulina- 3rd Grade Winner- NOVEMBER

A New Friend For Danny
A New Friend For Danny

Here is what our wonderful 3rd grade winner, Paulina has to say:

Dear Ms. Turbin,
I am Paulina Kapuscinska and I go to 3rd grade at Highland Lakes Elementry
School in Palm Harbor. I like to make arts, crafts, and drawings. I had fun
making the picture of the dragon in the library because I like dragons and
dinosaurs. I liked the book about Danny the Dragon a lot. I also have a
favorite stuffed animal dinosaor that I go to sleep with.
I am really happy that I had a chance to win the contest.
Thank you,

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