Reading Danny the Dragon to children at Spring Valley in Palm Harbor, Florida

I am so happy about this day. I was honored to conduct a reading and question and answer session at a school named Spring Valley in Palm Harbor, Florida. The kids loved the book and all the gifts I brought. The school was given their signed book by me, Tina Turbin. I really can say an author touches the lives of others in a very special way. I hope I inspired some “soon to be” authors in the school today. Thank you Spring Valley! Spring Valley is a Sudbury School and they base their education on trust and ability of the student to follow their inner guidance. and passions. The atmosphere at this school is evident that this is absolutely applied. The kids were calm, interested and had “natural” manners with one another. A delightful day! Thank you Diane Ballou , all¬†educators and kids at this wonderful school.

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