Danny the Dragon Visits Florida Montessori School

I haven’t shared with you a number of schools I was doing readings and Question and Answer periods with. One school I need to pay my respects to is a Florida Montessori School for the deaf I visited before I left on my trip. I was honored to do a reading at their school while one of the teachers did sign language.




The kids’ eyes were huge as they took in the concepts of Danny the Dragon, and followed along with the story. I can not tell you the feeling in the room. I am also happy to say my own education began at a Montessori School in Brentwood, California.

To this day I remember the freedom and space the school allowed each of us kids to evolve and reach out to the world in our chosen time. I am happy to have been there then and now again, recently.

 Thank you, Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf. It was MY pleasure.

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