Children’s Bookwatch: Remarkably Detailed Book Review of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy

I am pleased to share a most wonderful review of my celebrated children’s book: Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, published in the November edition of the Children’s Bookwatch from the Midwest Book Review (a highly-regarded, premier book review organization since 1976):


Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy”
Tina Turbin, author
Aija Jasuna, illustrator
Imagine Publishing Group
P. O. Box 1304, Dunedin, FL 34697
9780980072105, $8.95


“Danny the Dragon ‘Meets Jimmy'” is a delightful, uplifting book about a boy named Jimmy who finds a very special sea shell on the ocean beach that talks to him. All his family agree it is a very special shell, even though they do not hear it talk. Jimmy is allowed to take the lovely green and white shell home with him, and there the discovery begins. Wonder of wonders, Jimmy finds his incredible shell is home to an even more incredible green dragon named Danny, who crawls out of his shell complete with red tennis shoes and yellow backpack! Last but not least, Danny the Dragon is accompanied by a smaller green creature he introduces as Skipper, his navigator. Jimmy and his family are amazed, but they happily invite Danny and Skipper to stay for supper (vegetable soup!) and to play afterwards and then to spend the night.

Danny tells Jimmy he and Skipper can shrink to crawl back inside the shell if they are sprayed with water, so they sleep beside Jimmy’s bed in their shell. Most wonderful of all, Danny tells Jimmy in answer to his question, “Where did you and skipper come from and where have you been in all your travels inside your shell?” “I will tell you some other time. For now it is bedtime. Goodnight- pleasant dreams.” So clearly there will be a sequel or maybe several to this charming tale. Page -full colored illustrations and brief story paragraphs make this totally kid friendly book even more so. Many healthy ideas are interwoven in the story, for example all the children help clear up the table and wash the dishes after dinner without being asked by their parents. “Danny the Dragon ‘Meets Jimmy'” has definite attraction and value for children age 4-8, all of whom will undoubtedly beg for the sequel and more tales of Danny the Dragon.

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