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Many people ask me how I get so much done, what my schedule is like and do I ever sleep. First of all, yes I do get sleep. As a children’s author, writer and researcher I am very creative and the urge I feel to create is truly unlimited, has no bounds at all.

If I am tired it can slow me down a bit but not totally, to be honest. I am constantly creating new things for the moment and the future in my writing and things all around me continuously inspire me towards new ideas. I am also surrounded by lovely and positive people and anyone not into what I am doing; well sorry but “good-bye”. I just do not have time for anyone to slow me down and will not. So in a nutshell, this is how I get so much done. About my schedule, well I will fill you in next time. My husband, beautiful daughter and 2 creative boys ( are also an inspiration and support me beyond belief. We are a team and a strong wonderful family.

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