Inspiring Others—What an Inspiration!

I consider myself truly blessed for the kind words I hear from Danny the Dragon fans. They write in to tell me how special Danny is to them and their families. It’s quite something to see that something from my own imagination can capture the imaginations of so many children!

My favorite feedback I get, however, is from aspiring authors (kids and grown-ups alike) who not only enjoy my Danny the Dragon series but are inspired by my story of how I became an award-winning children’s author.

Take a look at the review below to see how I’ve inspired aspiring writer Theresa, mother of eight children (wow!) and product reviewer for Faith and FamilyReviews:

Tina Turbin


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5 Responses to Inspiring Others—What an Inspiration!

  1. Barbra says:

    You’re so spot on about the power of inspiration. It spreads to others and then comes back to reinspire you. I find this is true as a school teacher. When my students feel inspired, they make me think, “Wow, I’m really making a difference,” and then I just want to keep it going more and more.

  2. Sydney says:

    That is so true, positive emotions are self-perpetuating like that because you see the rewards of what you’re doing in the eyes of other people, and then it’s addictive and you just have to keep doing it. Of course this is a GOOD addiction:)

  3. Bethany Hale says:

    Hi Tina Speaking of inspired I get so inspired when I read your blog! I am an aspiring children’s writer and I admire not only your writing, but how you go above and beyond being an author by helping to inspire other authors and help with important subjects such as children’s literacy. Thanks so much for all you do!

  4. Lindsey Grier says:

    Thanks Tina for sharing these inspiring blogs. You definitely are an inspiration yourself! We really love Danny the Dragon so much and we’re excited to share him with friends and family this holiday season. I am also getting an iPad for the family this Christmas and I look forward to downloading your Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy app. I’ve been meaning to teach my kids sign language anyway!

  5. Whitney C says:

    Aw this just touched my heart. I know exactly what you mean! I volunteer with needy children and battered women and they say I’m such an inspiration to them and that just makes me keep on coming back week after week to see them!

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