Glowing Review of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy

The Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, the first book in my illustrated kids book series, was featured on and reviewed by mother and photographer Tiffany, who loved the book and enjoyed sharing it with her two young children. Read her review below!

Tina Turbin

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4 Responses to Glowing Review of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy

  1. A glowing review. Can’t wait for the book!

  2. Elenore says:

    Hi Tina thank you so much for your delightful series. As a library volunteer, I came across your book and I ended up getting my granddaughter the softcover and the CD set and she really liked it a lot. Children really appreciate music and it’s a pleasure to find children’s authors who understand that. The music is truly beautiful.

  3. Hilary Jackman says:

    Dear Tina,

    Your blog is so charming and full of such fantastic news. Way to go, Danny! We hope that even when you are done with your European tour that you’ll still visit us in California. Unfortunately, when you were on your West Coast Book Tour, we were back east and so we couldn’t see you. Congratulations on your success and we look forward to seeing you soon!

    The Jackmans
    Sacramento, CA

  4. June Haugen says:

    Hi Tina it’s always great to hear your reviews. Glad to see more and more people are discovering Danny the Dragon. I had no idea your kids book series was so popular in Europe, but I understand now you’re going to come out with translations into different European languages. That’s really cool! I might just want to get my kids a Spanish book because they are learning Spanish in school. Can’t wait for it to come out!

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