Another Wonderful Book Review of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy!

Jewelry designer Victoria Cunningham, wrote the following book review of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy:

“Your book is wonderful. Congratulations! It’s a great story about
listening and trust and family. I like how you incorporate “helping”
with the dishes etc… Only a mom could understand how important that is. I love the colorful illustrations, my daughters would love it.
thanks for the read!”

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Gluten-Free Halloween Cup Cake Party this Saturday!

Nicoles kids

We’re all very excited about my Halloween Gluten-Free Cup Cake Party this coming Saturday the 24th!

Our RSVPs are filling up – here’s two of our “bakers” that have confirmed their attendance!  Aren’t they cute?

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Renowned Author Judy Blume Congratulates Author Tina Turbin

I was more than thrilled to receive the following letter from multi-award winning, ground-breaking author Judy Blume – to share with you:

“Thanks so much for your warm note and congratulations on getting your first book published! I’m touched by how well you remember my books. Readers like you have made my career, and I can never thank you enough. If you have a chance check out my blog and let me know what you think.

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Danny The Dragon DREAMS – CD with Classical Music!

I am VERY pleased to share that the full Mastering of Danny The Dragon DREAMS CD has been fully Mastered and the CD cover is in design work as I type away here. Thank you Tom Morris at Morrissound Recording in Tampa, Florida! This is an amazing CD with my book being read by an extremely talented vocal-artist followed by a well chosen compilation of 10 original classical songs, composed by up and coming composers. This CD is for ANYONE and everyone, all ages. All the profits to this CD are going to a Cause that is very dear to my heart and I will be announcing the CAUSE, broadly and soon. All the legal mumbo-jumbo is just about totally complete. All the composers on this CD will be announced and broadly promoted, so I ask you to support the Cause and the Artists once we release the details. Each composer currently has beautiful credits for movie and television. More support to them will only help their career and this Cause. When I am given the OK to lift the curtain, I will be sharing it all! Exciting! Tina

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Lovely book review from The Netherlands

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy was reviewed by a top Reviewer from the Netherlands-based, Mr. Koos van den Hout.

Such a lovely book review and such kind words!

To share with you:

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Author – Tina Turbin’s Schedule

Many people ask me how I get so much done, what my schedule is like and do I ever sleep. First of all, yes I do get sleep. As a children’s author, writer and researcher I am very creative and the urge I feel to create is truly unlimited, has no bounds at all.

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Danny the Dragon Goes to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone, wow! I have to admit this is a place everyone NEEDS to visit. It is huge and I could have stayed much longer but we need to get back home and on the way to the Dakotas. Mt. Rushmore here we come. Danny the Dragon is by my side and in my thoughts and lots is being written on the computer and in my notes, While I am traveling I am in touch with many people about more adventures of Danny. The compilation Danny the Dragon CD is underway and now we are working on hiring that lucky lady for the VOICE OVER. Many say I should do it since I read so often to all these kids and am animated. Well, I do not know about this idea. Whatcha think?

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Another one down! My Gluten-Free Help website is up now. Wow, it’s been a busy week. Rafferty of Studio 98 has been a dream to work with. His team is very professional to say the least.

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February birthdays

Happy birthday to my son Jason and 5 month birthday to the puppies!

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The websites are going to be incredible

In my blog posting from 1/22/09 I mentioned the development of other projects. These are in full-blown action right now and very exciting indeed – focusing and really expanding on my interest in children’s health and wellness. I enlisted the help of Rafferty Pendery and his incredible design team at Studio 98 to build my Tina Turbin website, which is nearly completed. And thus far, I’ve been so impressed with their work that they’ll also be working with me on my other website: Gluten Free Help.

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