My Book Review Featured on Nikki’s Hurricane Adventure Website

    As you can imagine, as a children’s author, I do a lot of reading and love to pass on to Danny the Dragon fans my children’s literature recommendations.

    You’ve probably heard me talking about the illustrated kids book by Kevin and Laura Sanchez, Nikki’s Hurricane Adventure, and the amazing true story behind it. If not, here’s a refresher: Nikki the cat was separated from her family in 2008 during an evacuation for Hurricane Gustav 85 miles from home, and she found her way back 4 months later! Her owners Kevin and Laura later wrote down their imagined adventures of Nikki the Cat, and Nikki’s Hurricane Adventure was born! What’s more, half of the profits of the book are being donated to cancer research.

    I published a review of this delightful book and was pleased to find that Kevin and Laura Sanchez have featured it on their website, It’s so nice that my words of praise mean so much that they’ve been placed directly on their home page. Check it out!

    You can read more about the book and Nikki’s story here or at Little ones will love to hear about it, trust me!

Tina Turbin


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