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TIna Writing While Traveling

Tina Turbin-Writing While Traveling

OK, many people write in and connect up via social sites asking about future books. Well my friends, YES there are more books. I just have been so darn busy I have not shared the details, sorry about that. I will fill you in: I have three books, yes three lovely books in the works. All varied in content and purpose but all 3 so charming and delightful. They will tickly your fancy when the timing is right and they are ready to be launched as planned, hot off the press.

I have the CD out now and this is a lovely additions to my Danny The Dragon Meets Jimmy book. If you did not read, the profits I have donated to Columbia University, Celiac Disease Center. I am big on the topics of gluten-free research and celiac disease, as most of you know.

Next in line will be the DVD but hush……….I am not allowed to share too much. For you and you only, the DVD is a lovely rendition of the book on CD with sign interpretation by the lovely and well known, Carol Downing. She is who we now call, “Danny’s Hands” , as a result of her expertise in portraying the book  with sign. I am not sure when my publisher will release this DVD but after that will be my next book. I just love writing for you all and the reviewers,  kids and parents are delighted with the story and characters, so this of course makes me shine, and write more!

So as I said, yes I keep writing and writing and loving every minute of it. Thank you everyone for your support!  Tina Turbin

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