Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy,Rave Review by the Chicago Examiner

I was honored and touched by the review of the first book in my children’s book series, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, by book critic Gerardine Baugh of the Chicago Examiner. She had nothing but praise for my story, its themes, and the award-winning illustrations by Aija Jasuna.

     Among her many kind words, Ms. Baugh wrote, “Each time a child opens this book they will see something to count, or laugh over…I recommend this book as a birthday or holiday gift, or just a special bedtime gift. What a sweet way to lull your child to sleep.”

Regarding its themes, she wrote, that she “was equally impressed by how the writer, Tina Turbin, who in her story telling, showed me this sweet family working together and helping each other with manners and love…” I’m so glad that Ms. Baugh has appreciated the theme of family togetherness in my book. As the mother of three (now grown) children, it’s important for me to pass on to my readers the importance of mutual kindness and helping as ingredients in a strong, happy family.

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Tina Turbin




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9 Responses to Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy,Rave Review by the Chicago Examiner

  1. Janet Plining says:

    Wow this really is a rave review, the ravest yet that I’ve read! This critic is wonderfully detailed. You don’t usually find such a detailed and thoughtful analysis of an illustrated kids book. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Nicole says:

    I think this is probably the ravest review yet! I am glad to hear that you are appreciated by so many critics as well as families out there. That is a sign of a great author in my opinion, when everyone is just like “Wow” and they can’t help but admire it.

  3. Nancy Young says:

    Seriously. This is really a great review. She really hit it on the spot. I wish more critics would give such thoughtful reviews of illustrated books.

  4. Emilia says:

    Wowee! I also heard your book is going to be available soon in Spanish. That is so wonderful. There is good news all around!

  5. Jennie says:

    You’re not kidding everyone! I totally agree with the critic too. I think this is my favorite review so far, although I do love hearing about how mothers with kids love your book too. It’s nice to have critics like you I’m sure, but it’s not like you’re writing for them anyway, right? It’s for the kids! (And also the parents LOL!)

  6. Susan McClinton says:

    An exceptional review for an exceptional book! Glad to see you given the credit you’re deserved!

  7. Barbra says:

    This was a great review to read that I just happened to come across and we were so interested that we bought your book, in fact not just your book but the softcover book and CD combination. We are excited to get these in the mail. I am a big proponent of having children listen to classical music. I think it’s very good for them!

  8. Madison L. says:

    It must be so nice to get these rave reviews like this. The reviewer is absolutely right–Danny the Dragon makes an excellent gift, especially the softcover/DVD set. My sons loved it and I’m getting it for my niece this Christmas and I’m sure she’s going to love it too!

  9. Chantel David says:

    I’m so happy to hear that other people enjoy your writing as much as our family does! We are ordering some of your books as Christmas gifts for the family this year. We were touched by Danny the Dragon and we are really interested now in indie children’s books.

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