Creative Child Magazine Honors Multi-Award Winning Children’s Author Tina Turbin With 2011 Media Of The Year Award For Danny The Dragon Meets Jimmy

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy has been honored by Creative Child Magazine with the 2011 Media of the Year Award

Los Angeles, CA –

The multi-award winning illustrated kids book Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy by Tina Turbin has been honored by Creative Child Magazine with the 2011 Media of the Year Award in the category of Reading Interactive Picture Books. This prestigious prize is one of many that have been awarded to the critically-acclaimed author for the first book in her Danny the Dragon children’s book series.

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy has already been honored by a number of esteemed awards programs including the iParenting Media Awards, the International Book Awards and the Mom’s Choice Awards. Most recently the title received First Prize for Best Illustrations in the prestigious Five Star Publications, Purple Dragonfly Book Awards for its illustrations by Aija Jasuna, which the judges praised as “outstanding” and “expertly rendered.”

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy tells the story of how Jimmy and his family come across Danny the Dragon and his traveling companion, Skipper, at the beach and the blossoming of their friendship. It is celebrated by critics and readers for its pro-family themes and messages promoting mutual kindness. Turbin’s award-winning book has been released in a number of multimedia formats including a Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD, which features a reading of the book with sign language interpretation as well as a Danny the Dragon DREAMS CD, which contains a set of ten original compositions by up-and-coming composers followed by a reading of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy.

Creative Child Magazine, a national publication published bi-monthly with the leading information on how parents can nurture creativity in their child, is now celebrating its eleventh year while its circulation continues to grow throughout the country. Their Awards Program stands apart from others for the fact that submitted products are reviewed by parents, educators, and professionals—the people who purchase them. Creative Child Magazine announced Turbin as the 2011 Multimedia Set Winner on July 20 for her Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy book and CD set.

Turbin has had a busy year with her West Coast book tour and dealing with the intense media interest generated by the author’s release of a groundbreaking iPad app for deaf children, which was developed by iStoryTime, the app developer for How to Train Your Dragon. The first of its kind, Turbin’s app contains a reading of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy with sign language interpretation. Profits are being donated to support literacy and other worthy causes while Turbin’s tour moves to European countries.

“It’s such an honor to have received this award from Creative Child Magazine,” Tina said. “It was important to me to make Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy available through a variety of media. I’m thrilled that the Danny the Dragon multimedia set has been so well-received.”

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To purchase Danny the dragon products: Contact Imagination Publishing Group at ImaginationPublishingGroup(at)gmail(dot)com or call 888-701-6481. Also available through:, Victory Multimedia, Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster Video, Baker and Taylor, and other major distributors.

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD: 837654741191, $24.95
Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy paperback: 978-0-9800-721-0-5, $8.95
Danny the Dragon Dreams CD/Audiobook: 978-0-9800-721-3-6, $8.95

DVD profits are generously donated by the author to support causes to improve literacy and education.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please call Alan Wayne 888-701-6481 or ImaginationPublishingGroup(at)gmail(dot)com.



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5 Responses to Creative Child Magazine Honors Multi-Award Winning Children’s Author Tina Turbin With 2011 Media Of The Year Award For Danny The Dragon Meets Jimmy

  1. Jenn Romina says:

    Wow this is great news!!! I read this magazine a lot too! We are so happy for you, Tina Turbin, but we are not surprised one bit since we were so enchanted with your children’s series as well!

  2. Janet Plining says:

    WOW okay so this is a REALLY big deal don’t I know it because I read this magazine a lot and they always feature very good safe and family-friendly kids products and materials. Now I’m extra proud to be a Danny the Dragon fan and I’m going to keep reading Creative Child because obviously they know what’s going on!

  3. Nancy Strauss says:

    Hi Tina I always love coming onto your website to order Danny the Dragon for my friends and family directly from you instead of Amazon because I just love to check out your blog and hear such wonderful news such as this! Creative Child Magazine?? What an accomplishment! You are so talented and deserving of all the success that comes your way. ML, Nancy

  4. Samantha Sherring says:

    This is definitely an honor I can tell. It’s such a nice thing when you see other groups and magazines honoring your favorite authors and people. We can tell that our family has good taste indeed with you winning so many awards for your Danny the Dragon series.

  5. Nell Hardy says:

    This is so completely huge I can’t even believe it. I KNOW this magazine and read it often at the pediatrician. It’s a great publication! We may have been one of the first families to read Danny the Dragon so this makes me feel extra special that we “discovered” your series before the whole world found out about it. Usually I don’t hear about things until it’s already in Creative Child Magazine, but this time it’s the other way around. Makes me feel extra special!

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